Video: Filmmaker Nick Dabas goes hands-on with the new Leica M11


posted Friday, March 4, 2022 at 12:00 PM EDT


Leica announced its new M11 rangefinder camera in January. Leica has been making M-series rangefinder cameras since the 1950s, and the latest camera includes a new 60MP backside-illuminated full-frame CMOS image sensor. This is a big jump from the Leica M10's 24MP sensor and the M10-R's 40MP sensor. The M11 not only offers more resolving power, but the move to a backside-illuminated design also has positive implications for image quality.

New York City-based filmmaker and lifelong Leica user Nick Dabas went hands-on with the new Leica M11 for Adorama. Dabas touches on many of the M11's new features, including its Triple Resolution Technology. The camera can use its 60MP sensor to capture 60MP, 36MP and 18MP images. These aren't crop modes, however, because the M11 uses the full image sensor for each mode. By pixel binning, the camera offers additional dynamic range and lower visible noise as you decrease the final output resolution. At 60MP, Leica promises 14 stops of dynamic range. By downscaling, you achieve an extra stop. There are cropped modes available, too, by the way.

After watching the video above, there's no doubt that Dabas loves the new M11. As an M10 owner, he especially appreciates the M11's new features and improvements. If you'd like to read more about the Leica M11, our sibling publication Digital Photo Pro went hands-on with the Leica M11. Dan Havlik's 'Leica M11 First Look Review' discusses the M11's improvements and performance and includes some beautiful photos.

To get the full breakdown of the Leica M11 and all its specs, be sure to read our preview.

(Via Adorama