Kickstarter: See in the dark with the Duovox Mate Pro color night vision camera


posted Thursday, April 21, 2022 at 1:00 PM EDT


Have you ever wanted a camera that can see in the dark? Then a new color night vision camera launched on Kickstarter is for you. The Duovox Mate Pro is a 5-megapixel full-color night vision camera that works in ambient light as low as 0.0001 lux. This is the ambient light level on objects during a moonless, overcast night without any artificial light sources.

The camera has a familiar look and shape as most compact cameras and incorporates a built-in F0.9 lens. The lens is paired to an exclusive Sony STARVIS 2 CMOS image sensor. The sensor, which is designed for security cameras, promises accurate colors and over 22 stops of dynamic range.

The backside-illuminated image sensor is a 1/1.8"-type, and it offers larger pixels than even the full-frame Sony A7S III camera. The Duovox Mate Pro incorporates artificial intelligence to help the user select the appropriate shutter speed, aperture, white balance, and ISO. The AI also powers the camera's noise reduction algorithm.


The Duovox Mate Pro has a 1.3M-dot 3-inch LCD and includes built-in Wi-Fi to transfer images/video and even live stream. The camera is designed for a wide array of applications, including security and surveillance, a nighttime dash camera, as a game camera to spot elusive wildlife or even for nighttime point and shoot photography. The camera captures RAW and JPEG images and video at up to 2K resolution. Special shooting modes include motion detection start, timelapse, instant recording, loop mode, delayed stop, way back recording, facial recognition capture and more.

Duovox Mate Pro

The Duovox Mate Pro's campaign has already been successfully funded, with 36 days remaining, and it has eclipsed its $25,000 target by nearly $125,000 at the time of writing. Backer options start at $599, a 50% discount on the expected retail price. The Duovox Mate Pro will begin shipping in October. For additional information and to see many sample images and videos, head to Kickstarter.

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