Video: The importance of consistency with image capture and photo editing


posted Sunday, May 8, 2022 at 2:00 PM EDT


Professional photographer Simon Baxter has continually improved and refined his photo editing workflow. His process may be 'simple,' as he puts it, but consistency has afforded him a trademark style.

Importantly, Baxter's editing style is informed by his approach in the field. When he's capturing images, he knows what he intends to do with the final edited image file. His editing approach is a 'continuation' of his intent in the field. This is an essential skill to develop, and it will take some time. You must have a good idea of what you want a final image to look like when you capture a photo, even if that final image looks dramatically different from what's on the back of your camera. Knowing how you intend to edit an image informs your decisions at the time of capture.

'If you lack visual intent in the field, then the editing process might feel less focused, more experimental and perhaps too time-consuming,' says Baxter. He continues, 'Now, you might prefer to keep capturing and editing as two entirely independent creative processes, but personally, I find that a clear vision from start to finish results in more cohesiveness and very few disappointments.' By considering both image capture and editing to be part of the overall process, you will find it easier to develop your style and vision.

If you liked the video above and want to see more from Baxter, visit his YouTube channel. He does a lot of excellent woodland and nature photography, which you can see on his website and by following him on Instagram.

(Via Simon Baxter