Phase One creates fully automated multispectral imaging solution


posted Thursday, May 19, 2022 at 9:00 AM EDT


Phase One has optimized the industry's first fully automated high-resolution multispectral imaging (MSI) workflow solution. The Phase One Rainbow MSI Solution allows users to use multispectral light to "precisely and non-invasively capture, process, and analyze images in paintings and artworks; ancient texts that may be invisible to the human eye; and objects and materials for accurate, detailed identification and classification – all at unprecedented speeds."

The Phase One Rainbow MSI is the only system of its kind that delivers a fully automated 150-megapixel image stacking workflow. The camera supports multiband and narrowband imaging and adheres to Charisma guidelines for multiband imaging.

The high-resolution image sensor allows users to capture all the required data in fewer frames, resulting in better protection of fragile documents and artifacts. The less time spent photographing sensitive materials, the better. The medium-format sensor also delivers excellent dynamic range, allowing researchers to pore over minute details during post-capture analysis. Phase One also promises ease of use, meaning that researchers without high technical expertise can still successfully use the Rainbow MSI solution.


"The Rainbow MSI solution's automation solves the tedious, complex and error-prone process of manual multispectral imaging," said Eric Joakim, Product Portfolio Manager, Cultural Heritage at Phase One. "Its faster workflow helps protect fragile subject matter by reducing exposure time, getting it right with the first shot."

The Phase One Rainbow MSI solution features either the Phase One iXH 150MP or the iXG 100MP cameras. New features thanks to the recent optimization include an Analysis Module for both multiband and narrowband image stacks, a new Analysis Tool that delivers faster results, filtering of images based on a 2D histogram of PCA channels, a Spectral Readout Tool to aid in material identification and classification, and narrowband to RGB conversion to produce a full-color image from a narrowband stack.

After initial calibration, you can capture images using the Rainbow MSI solution in a single click, including capturing and processing image stacks. This process supports multiband (UV, white, IR) and narrowband (16 individual wavebands from UV through IR). The automation promises perfectly aligned images and accurate exposures, even for people who aren't multispectral imaging experts. The result isn't just easier, it's faster, meaning that researchers can image more documents and materials in less time.

Of course, a highly specialized product doesn't come cheap. The Phase One Multispectral Imaging Solution is available now for $118,990. It's not a typical photography product, but we wanted to highlight it because it's an important application for high-end photographic equipment. Capturing and preserving priceless works of art and historical artifacts is critical and time-sensitive work. Click here to learn more about the Phase One Rainbow MSI and its applications.