Canon R7 & R10 First Shots: Lab sample images from Canon’s new APS-C mirrorless cameras


posted Thursday, July 7, 2022 at 4:24 PM EDT

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Back at the end of May, Canon unveiled two new mirrorless cameras, the EOS R7 and EOS R10. Unlike all prior EOS R-series cameras, these two new models feature APS-C-sized sensors, rather than full-frame ones. These new cameras help expand Canon's R-series system into new territory, with the R7 being a feature-packed enthusiast-oriented model while the R10 is a compact and lightweight model offering a lot of bang for your buck. Thought of another way, the R7 is aimed at 90D and 7D Mark II users, while the R10 is designed for the same audience as the EOS M6 Mark II.

Both cameras share a lot of similarities, including an identical, fast DIGIC X image processor and a sophisticated 651-point Dual Pixel CMOS AF II focusing system with the same subject-detection and tracking technology as EOS R3. However, the big difference in terms of imaging performance is the image sensors. The R7 features a higher-res 32.5-megapixel CMOS sensor while the R10 uses a 24.2MP chip -- both of which Canon insists are all-new sensors and not the same ones used in several of their existing cameras. The R7 also includes in-body image stabilization, while the R10 does not. Despite the different sensors, both cameras offer the same ISO range; a native range of ISO 100 up to 32,000 and one expandable high ISO of 51,200.

Canon R7 ISO 100 - 100% JPEG Crop

We went hands-on with both of these cameras very briefly right before their debut, but we've finally gotten our hands on our review samples and we can now begin to review both of them in-depth! And as usual, the first stop is a visit down to our testing lab for First Shots. We now have sample images from both new Canon R-series models. So if you're curious about how the image quality of new crop-sensor cameras performs across their full ISO ranges, head over to our sample pages for the Canon R7 and Canon R10 to have a look.

Canon R10 ISO 100 - 100% JPEG Crop

As always, we have two primary sample image series for both cameras, one with the default level of in-camera noise reduction processing and one with it disabled. We, of course, always have untouched RAW files available for download, as well. If you'd like to compare the R7 or R10 images side by side with almost any camera we've tested over the years, use our handy Comparometer tool!

Head over to our Canon R7 Samples Page and Canon R10 Samples Page for the full gallery of First Shots. And stay tuned, as there is more to come from our Canon R7 Review and Canon R10 Review!

Canon EOS R7 First ShotsCanon EOS R10 First Shots