Lexar’s new CFexpress Type A card is the fastest on the market


posted Wednesday, August 10, 2022 at 11:00 AM EDT


Lexar has announced the world's fastest CFexpress Type A card and a new CFexpress Type A/SD card reader. The Lexar Type A Gold Series CFexpress Type A card promises transfer speeds up to 900MB/s, 900MB/s read speed and 800MB/s write speed. Concerning minimum write speed, Lexar states the card delivers at least 700MB/s speed.

CFexpress Type A cards are used in numerous high-end mirrorless cameras, such as the Sony A7S III, A1 and A7 IV. Sony makes CFexpress Type A cards, including the 160GB CEA-G160T, which promises maximum read/write speeds of 800MB/s and 700MB/s, respectively. ProGrade Digital also has a CFexpress Type A card, offering the same performance specs. The new Lexar card improves upon these existing cards and gets closer to the theoretical limit of 1GB/S for the technology.

Our colleagues at PetaPixel went hands-on with the new Lexar Gold Series card. You can read the detailed findings there, but the general takeaway is that Lexar's new card outpaces Sony and ProGrade Digital's existing offerings concerning write speeds. However, with read speeds, the situation is a bit murkier. There's no doubt that Lexar's new card is very impressive and the best CFexpress Type A card now available.


The Lexar CFexpress Type A Gold card is the perfect match for Sony A1, A7S III and A7 IV users looking to get the absolute most of their cameras for photography and video applications.


The Lexar CFexpress Type A Gold Series card is available in 80GB and 160GB capacities for $200 and $400, respectively, making it the most expensive card on the market. The best performance comes at a price. The accompanying new CFexpress Type A/SD card reader uses High-speed USB 3.2 Gen 2, promising speeds up to 10Gbps using USB-C. The reader promises transfer speeds up to 900MB/s with CFexpress Type A cards and 312MB/s with UHS-II SD cards. The compact, portable reader costs $80 and is available now. For more information, visit Lexar.

(Via Nikon Rumors