Sony A7R V First Shots: High-res sample images from Sony’s souped-up, AI-powered mirrorless camera


posted Tuesday, November 22, 2022 at 1:30 PM EST

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After reviewing the Sony A7R IV a few years ago, we wondered if it was Sony's most versatile camera ever given its combination of a high-resolution sensor, excellent AF and overall nimble performance. But now, a much-anticipated successor is here, and while the new Sony A7R V keeps the same fantastic sensor as before, it packs in a lot more in terms of horsepower and processing capabilities to make this high-res camera even more versatile. The AF system of the Mark IV was already very impressive, but the A7R V's newer Bionz XR processor and dedicated AI processing chip give the camera faster AF, increased AF precision and much more sophisticated options for automatic subject-detection and tracking performance.


In terms of pure image quality, the Sony A7R V's 61MP sensor is the same as before and thus should offer the same incredible level of image detail, dynamic range and great high ISO performance that we've come to expect. Having a peek at our just-published series of sample images, this indeed seems to be the case. The resolving power from the A7R V is incredible, and at 61MP, the Sony A7R V, along with its predecessor, is the highest-resolution full-frame camera on the market. Aside from resolution, the A7R V is said to still offer 15 stops of dynamic range, and though the camera sports a new image processor, the ISO range remains the same as before. Native ISO span ISO 100 up to 32,000, while expanded sensitivities allow for low ISOs down to ISO 50 and high ISOs up to ISO 102,400. 

ISO 100
100% NR2D JPEG crop

If you're itching to get a look at the image quality performance of the new Sony A7R V across its full ISO range, jump over to our Sony A7R V Samples Page. As always, we have two image series to browse through. The first one -- labeled "NR2D" -- includes JPEG images with the camera's default level of in-camera noise reduction processing applied. Then, the "NR0" series has JPEGs with the in-camera NR processing disabled. In both cases, though, we have RAW files available for download to test out yourself. As always, you can use our Comparometer tool to see these A7R V test shots side by side with nearly every other camera we've tested.

Sony A7R V First ShotsSony A7R V Preview