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Over 250 pages of secrets. Packed into the world's first high resolution Photography eBook™.

  • Things you never knew.
  • Things Nikon never knew.*
  • Software never seen before.
  • Things Time didn't know and still they named the Nikon 990 "Machine of the Year"

Things that will surprise you and things that will help you through every moment as the Nikon 990 and 950 reveal their secrets into your eyes.

All of this is packed into a super-resolution eBook that contains images so high in quality that you can blow them up on screen by 300% without losing resolution or running into pixels! Each chapter is much larger than the largest PDF file you've ever experienced on the Internet, but downloading into your computer only takes a few seconds. And it interactively takes you from ideas to related ideas with a click of the mouse.

Mastering Nikon Compact Digital Cameras contains a photography course that will unleash your awareness of composition, design, color, form, balance, timing, and point of view.

Here is eye training specially geared to the unique opportunities these cameras make possible. Beyond the course, a universe of technique, technology, and possibilities opens up to let you master not just the cameras but your own sense of photographic prowess.

Would it surprise you to know there's a one hand technique called THE GRIP that will keep the camera in your hand steadier than holding it with two hands?

Would you be amazed to learn that you could travel all over the world carrying dozens of color filters for the Nikon 990/950 IN YOUR WALLET? Filters that couldn't possibly scratch, smudge or break? Color filters that were as reflection and flare free as the lens of the camera itself?

You should have seen Nikon Mike's eyes pop out when he saw the filters for the first time! "Holy cow," he said (or something roughly equivalent), "are you going to patent that?"

This eBook has all 48 of them for you in it. Ready to use right now. Simply flip the cover over by sliding it out of the flattened CD case and reinserting it with the color patterns showing. Follow the instructions in the eBook and you'll be shooting with any of the 48 filters INSIDE your camera.

How do you make a Nikon digital camera shoot at 2-6 times its native "film speed"? When does boosting ISO sensitivity work and when doesn't it? The wall is farther out than you may think.

How do you get a deep film-level dynamic range from an electronic camera that has only 2/3 the tonal dynamics of film? The book gives you step by step instructions to achieve the full dynamic range of the best film right from the Nikon 990 and 950.

Would you like to have a pocket size telephoto lenson your camera that takes 900mm shots of the Moon? Want to shoot through the really big telescopes? Learn how.

Did you ever use a tripod to suspend your camera out over, say, the side of a boat so you could include the boat in the shot? Thinking Outside the Pod is here.

Would you be shocked to learn that you can shoot anamorphic (Cinemascope) images with the Nikon Digitals? It takes some external optics to do it, but it works.

Two images can become a 3D picture if they are shot properly. How can you do thisfrom 28,000 feet?

How many of you ever shot a fisheye picture in INFRARED? I didn't think so. Would you like to know how? Want to know how to acquire a 50 cent IR filter for your 950? Slide into the book and find out.

Did you know that these cameras shoot pictures good enough for 35mm motion picture special effects animation? Would you like to know it from somebody who's done it?

Would you like to see a gallery of outstanding images from photographers all over the world who are shooting with the Nikon Cameras for pleasure and even some of the most prestigious fashion photographyaround? The book has images from the Nikon CP 950 and 990 camera made by digital photographers Stayskal, Kahn and Takias well as amazing images from talented enthusiast photographers all over the world.

Would you like to shoot with a wireless flash trigger? Would you like to have one that is practically free? I don't want to misrepresent this, but would a dime be too much to pay?

What are the four ABSOLUTELY VITAL accessories that Nikon doesn't make? And how can you get all four of them for under fifty dollars?

There is so much lore, techniques, tips, and help spread throughout the book that we needed a way to alert you to the goodies as you scan through the text. Voila; the InfoBite was born. When you see this symbol at the beginning of a paragraph, you know that a clue to a photographic mystery is close at hand.

Now you can order the eBook direct. You can call the publisher by phone or use our on-line order system featuring the extra-secure PayPal service. Computers are standing by. More data HERE.

Mastering Nikon Compact Digital Cameras will add immeasurably to your own digital camera skills, your knowledge of your camera, your ability to use digital features to their maximum, and it will help you PRINT results so good looking that people will never know they were digital.

The Nikon 950 and 990 are veritable feasts. This book is the dessert, after dinner mint, and night-cap all rolled into one.

The eBook even comes integrated on its own
for both Mac and Windows users.

On the CD are all the files needed to read the book on your computer and instantly access all of its software with just a mouse click. Here are all the special Photoshop filters that have never been available before. This is software designed exclusively to fix certain Nikon 990/950 image issues. Say goodbye to barrel distortion in architectural shots, for instance.

There are special files here that help you practice making panoramics without going outside of Photoshop. No need to get less than perfect results when you can create truly excellent images using the program you already have.

What? You don't have Photoshop? Photoshop is the only image manipulation program that exists on the same high level that these cameras occupy.

When Adobe found out about this project they wanted you to play, too. So on the CD is the latest Official full Photoshop 5.5 Tryout version!

Now everybody else in the photographic software business wanted you to see their stuff. The CD is full of software from Altamira Group, Genuine Fractals, Q-Research, Panorama Tools and others. It's stuffed with fun and learning.

There are even iNovaFX files that will rescue shots you made outdoors when you forgot to take the white balance off of incandescent! In fact 20+ brand-new Photoshop filters cover your worst color-wrong nightmares any way you can accidentally dream them up!

Add to that a whole herd of Photoshop Action Filters for image improvement, repair, enhancement and special effects and your camera will feel like it grew a new set of features. (NOTE: These work with Photoshop full version ONLY.)

A brand new world of color is unfolding all around you. Make sure you know the secrets that will let you capture it with your Nikon.

There are dozens of ways of getting the image that Nikon's documentation never reveals. Here's an information toolkit that will have you dreaming up your own techniques in no time.

Coolpix 950!   For owners of the very capable 950 with its 2 megapixel imager and extra compact styling there are hundreds of techniques, settings, tips and opportunities to expand on your experience of these cameras.  96.261+% of the book applies to both swivel-body cameras.

Coolpix 990!   For owners of the new 3.34 megapixel Coolpix 990, the special techniques and capabilities of this camera are revealed in depth. With over three million image sensors, the CP 990 makes images for full page magazine reproduction and its advanced manual settings, focus guides, histographic displays, fast ergonomics and rapid sequence imaging provide dozens of new capabilities.

Coolpix 880!   The newest Nikon benefits greatly from the eBook as well! About 87.473% of the book and software will help owners of this hot new camera, too.

Mastering Nikon Compact Digital Cameras is written by photographer, author and frequent contributor to Nikon Web forums all over the world, Peter iNova, Creative Director of Metavision Digital Studios.

eBook REVIEWS! (unsolicited)

I just got your book, it's nice to see that some things in this world live up to their advertisement.

If your eBook were an automobile, it would be like getting a Rolls Royce for the price of a Ford Escort.
--Joe Juarez

What a masterpiece, a lifetime of learning and enjoyment in a $50 CD. If you own any camera it's worth it, if you own this camera don't miss it!!!
--Tim (via

There is just so much good stuff in it that I would buy it no matter what digital camera I owned and highly recommend it to all digital camera owners.
--Frank B (via

It is an inspirational experience to read, written in a colloquial but very well organized manner. If you had any doubts, throw them aside and get it ASAP. We pay more for accessories that are FAR less useful than this excellent piece of work.
--Peter Levey (Vancouver, BC)

I have only read the first 5 chapters and I feel I have learned more in the past few days with the eBook than I have in my 4 years of digital photography!
--Marc Pike (via

A first class product, it's already solved an issue with gamma settings in Photoshop for Windows.
--Charlie (cdPhoto)

Excellent product, well organized, comprehensive and what great pictures. Arrived just in time for my trip to Chicago and NH. The perfect traveling companions: CP990, my laptop, and iNova's eBook.
--Don K (via

* "Things Nikon never knew:" Well, since I handed "Nikon" Mike Rubin a copy of the eBook, they probably do know those things now.

T H E     W A I  T     I  S     O V E R :



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G4 Compliant>
iNovaFX filters for Photoshop are G4 multiprocessor compliant and work with the full version of Photoshop™ 5.0 and above on both Macintosh and Windows computers. (Also on Unix.)


Long lens. Pocket Tele. Hand held.
Long friendship.

Longer lens. Not so pocket size.
No color change

Anamorphic through the lens
Infrared Fisheye

Frame from a 35mm movie animation created from two digital photos
Make micro focus
work for you
Even complete strangers will want to be in your digital photos.

Hollywood Boulevard strut

Human error.
"Broke" shot 0.2 seconds later.

In-camera color effect with no post exposure effects at all. The sky, directly overhead, was pure blue. Howzat?
Composition. It's not elusive,
you can learn many things
about it and use them
right away.
They know when you've been bad or good...
Black and white in color
Snow in KansasCity
No snow in L.A.

Take your camera into extreme weather without fear.

Shoot equivalent to ISO 2400.
This shot was.
(Nikon 950 stops at ISO 320)

Roman denarius (dime size)
When the lens is 14mm away
from the subject, how do
you light it?

 Read ALL about it

ALL about it
Shooting at Golden Hour
Long exposures without noise!

IR triggers slave flash through vase
Laser art
What shutter lag?
Gold tooth
...and then we all ate the model

Non Nude Not Descending Staircase 99...Original printed 18-inches wide...Hand held. Photoshop'd. Nikon 950.

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