PSKiss releases Photography Toolkits for Adobe® Photoshop®

posted Friday, November 4, 2011 at 4:42 PM EST

Press Release

PSKiss' logo. Click here to visit the PSKiss website!Tel Aviv, Nov. 2, 2011 – PSKiss is proud to present PSKiss Photography Toolkits and Toolbox packed with years of Adobe Certified Experts knowledge.

PSKiss Photography Toolkits were created using years of Adobe Photoshop knowledge accumulated by PSKiss in-house Adobe Photoshop Certified Experts. Each Toolkit contains state of the art Adobe Photoshop image processing techniques. No ordinary user can accomplish without truly mastering Adobe Photoshop.

“We wanted to give photographers and designers a new way to really extract what Adobe Photoshop can do”, says Tal Ninio, co-founder of PSkiss, CEO and Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert with 18 years of Adobe Photoshop experience. “We have so much Adobe Photoshop knowledge accumulated in our heads, it can take us years to pass it to Photoshop users. We thought there is got to be a better way to allow everyone else to use that knowledge”.

The first release of PSKiss Photography Toolkits contains three fundamental toolkits and one ToolBox that bundles them:

  1. PSKiss Outdoor Photography Toolkit specially made to quickly process outdoor images.

  2. PSKiss Portrait Photography Toolkit with astonishing techniques to process commercial, personal, beauty and editorial portraits.

  3. PSKiss Product Photography Toolkit for easy and efficient process of pack-shots and product images.

  4. PSKiss Photographer's Toolbox - a bundle pack of all three toolkits in one panel.

“Using Adobe Photoshop is all about mastering processing techniques - making different tools and options work together, to create something new and astonishing”, says Nir Kaufman, Senior Developer and Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert. “We took everything a typical Adobe Photoshop professional user needs to accomplish in Photoshop and made it better, more accessible, faster and easier, as a conductor does with a great orchestra”.

PSKiss Photography Toolkits and Toolbox are offered with special introductory discount prices. Free demo versions are available for all 4 products.

To learn more about PSKiss Photography Toolkits and Toolbox, visit

About PSKiss
PSKiss was founded by Tal Ninio and Max Penson.

Tal Ninio is an Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert with more then 18 years of experience in image editing, digital pre-press and digital photography. Founder and former owner of Mentor College in Tel Aviv, author of 10 Photoshop visual guide books and 2 Photoshop step-by-step instructions books.

Max Penson is an Image Quality Expert at Zoran Corporation. Former Application Specialist at LEAF, Kodak. Owner of, Israel's leading digital photography website.

Adobe, Photoshop is a registered trademark or trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.

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