Dxo Filmpack 3.1 Adds Creative Rendering, Enhanced User Interface

posted Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at 12:34 PM EST

Press Release

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PARIS -- Nov. 15 -- DxO Labs has announced the immediate availability DxO FilmPack 3.1, the latest version of its silver halide simulation software. DxO FilmPack 3.1 adds a line of 25 new creative renderings and an improved user interface.

For world-renowned photographer Sebastiao Salgado, "DxO FilmPack is an indispensible link to my previous photographic work." DxO FilmPack has allowed him to faithfully reproduce in his digital image workflow the exact look and feel of Kodak Tri-X film.

DxO FilmPack 3.1 brings to photos all the emotional impact of silver halide photography. Using an intuitive interface, beginners and experts alike can apply the characteristic tint, grain and rendering of a traditional silver halide film type to any digital image, regardless of its source. Thanks to DxO Labs' advanced calibration technology, DxO FilmPack 3.1 offers a renderings palette of unparalleled authenticity for 62 legendary film types --positive and negative color, black & white and cross-processed.


DxO FilmPack 3.1 (Expert Edition) offers a line of 25 new creative renderings. The experts at DxO Labs gave utmost consideration to the aesthetic qualities and creative dimensions for each rendering to ensure that they would lend images real emotional impact.

Vintage effects, color nuances, sepia variations, partial desaturations: each rendering is based on a very subtle combination of grain intensity, film style, vignetting and color filters -- "intelligent" renderings for outstanding images.

Users can use the same settings as for film renderings to fully customize each creative rendering, thus offering the possibility of numerous possible combinations. Batch processing allows for a huge increase in productivity.


Thanks to DxO FilmPack 3.1's large number of presets, photographers can give free rein to their creativity by combining, for example, the color settings of one film rendering with the grain of another, thus creating their own personalized film look. A new import rendering function included in the Elite Edition of DxO FilmPack 3.1 lets DxO FilmPack users share one another's customized film looks. Users can simply import custom renderings, rename them and save the parameters of intensity, grain, contrast and so on in their own settings library to apply to their own images.


Designed to satisfy both beginners and experts, DxO FilmPack 3.1's easy-to use interface allows users to freely explore all the possibilities of the film and creative renderings provided.

Thanks to its resizable filmstrip-style preview system, DxO FilmPack 3.1 allows users to better visualize renderings before applying them to their images.

DxO FilmPack 3.1 now offers a full-screen mode for greater comfort. Among the many other improvements to the interface, the channel mixer now incorporates color sliders, making their use even more intuitive.


Compatible with Mac and Windows, DxO FilmPack 3.1 comes in 2 editions -- Essential and Expert -- which differ in terms of number of film renditions and features.

The two editions of DxO FilmPack 3.1 are available as standalone applications and as plugins for DxO Optics Pro, Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture.


Both the Essential and Expert editions of DxO FilmPack v3.1 are now available for purchase in the DxO Labs online store (http://www.dxo.com) and at photo resellers at a special discount from now through Dec. 24. Prices in U.S. dollars, euros and pounds:

• DxO FilmPack 3 Essential Edition: 49/49/49 instead of 79/79/69

• DxO FilmPack 3 Expert Edition: 99/99/79 instead of 129/129/99

• DxO FilmPack 3 Expert Upgrade from DxO FilmPack 1 or 2: 39/39/29 instead of 49/49/39 (suggested retail prices, including VAT)

Upgrade to version 3.1 is free of charge to owners of DxO FilmPack version 3.0. A fully-functional free trial version of DxO FilmPack v3.1, good for one month, is available on the DxO Labs Web site at http://www.dxo.com/fr/photo/freetrial_version.


PC: Microsoft Windows XP 32 bits, Windows Vista 32 or 64 bits, Windows 7 (32 or 64 bits) and Intel Pentium 4 processor or equivalent AMD

Mac: Mac OS x 10.5 Leopard, Mac OS x 10.6 Snow Leopard, Mac OS x 10.7 Lion and Mac Intel Processor

Minimum of 2-GB of RAM and 400-MB available disk space


DxO Labs offers products and solutions that provide excellence in digital imaging. In addition to its DxO Optics Pro and DxO FilmPack products for Mac and Windows, aimed at serious and demanding photographers, the company also licenses patented intellectual property serving the entire digital imaging chain:

• Embedded technologies for real-time image processing for camera and cameraphone manufacturers

• Image quality evaluation and measurement tools for imaging component suppliers (camera module manufacturers, sensor vendors and processor vendors) as well as for photography journalists and imaging experts

For more information, visit DxO Labs' Web site at http://www.dxo.com.


(We have a closer look at the new features in our updated review. -- Editor)