Referral program launched by pan-Asian stock photo company, Photokore

posted Monday, December 5, 2011 at 2:28 PM EDT

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Photokore's logo. Click here to visit the Photokore website!Photokore announces the launch today of a referral program whereby members can earn a percentage of sales made by artists, and/or purchases made by image buyers. This marks the first pan-Asian stock photography referral program.

PRLog (Press Release) - Dec 01, 2011 - Photokore, Asia’s fasted growing stock photography company, announced the launch today of two Referral Programs for it’s members. 

The Artist Referral Program allows members to introduce new artists (photographers and illustrators) to Photokore. If the artist is accepted as a Photokore member, the referee will receive a payment every time one of the artist’s images are sold. In the Customer Referral Program, members introduce customers to Photokore. For every purchase made by the referred customer, the referee will receive a payment.

With Photokore’s Referral Programs, when a new artist or customer who has been referred to Photokore registers on Photokore, they are automatically ‘linked’ to the member who referred them.

In addition to the payments that can be earned by referring artists and customers, the referring member can also earn an additional Referral Bonus when their referral earnings reach prescribed amounts.

“Our members are the backbone of our community, and are active in promoting Photokore. We launched our Referral Programs as a method of rewarding our members for their efforts in promoting,” said Sean Mooney, president and CEO of Photokore.

With the launch of it’s Referral Programs, Photokore has taken yet another step towards it’s goal of becoming a community-based stock photography site. With photos and illustrations being uploaded by members from over 130 countries, Photokore offers image buyers in Asia, and around the globe, a wide variety of unique images.

To learn more about Photokore’s Referral Program, please visit

Photokore is a royalty-free stock photography site dedicated to offering the best Asian images to the world, and high quality global images to the Asian market.

Visitors to on can search for images in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English. Landing pages are also available in Arabic, Filipino, Hindi, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish, and French.

All photos and illustrations on can be licensed for creative use – whether on a personal website, or in a global marketing campaign – at prices ranging from US$2 – US$40.

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Photokore is a royalty free stock photography site dedicated to offering the best Asian images to the world, and high quality global images to the Asian market.

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