Camera & Photo Imaging Show: CP+ 2012

posted Tuesday, December 6, 2011 at 11:09 AM EDT

Press Release

The CP+ 2012 logo. Click here to visit the CP+ 2012 website!World Premiere – The power of photography to bring the world together

November 30, 2011 -- CP+ Division -- The Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) (JCII Bldg. 25, Ichiban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan; President: Makoto Kimura) will hold the CP+ 2012 Camera & Imaging Show from February 9 (Thursday) to 12 (Sunday), 2012, at the Pacifico Yokohama, Japan.

The history of CP+ stretches back more than 50 years, tracing its origins to the first Japan Camera Show. This year marks the third year since the venue moved to Yokohama, an international port city and one of the largest cities in Japan. CP+ has grown into one of the largest comprehensive camera and imaging shows in Asia. CP+ 2011 drew approximately 50,000 visitors, ranging from business users to casual consumers, and served as the stage for the introduction of 45 World Premier models (products announced to the world for the first time). An even larger number of new models are expected to be announced during CP+ 2012.

Japan is an international leader in the photography and imaging business. Japanese manufacturers command approximately 80% of the global market for digital cameras, and more than 99% of the market for interchangeable lens type digital cameras. Taking advantage of Japan's position as the center of the photo and imaging industry, CP+ acts as a launch pad for presenting the world with the latest information on a wide range of areas in the industry, from the initial input of data to its final output.

The year 2012 also marks the 150 anniversary of Yokohama as the birthplace of commercial photography in Japan, where in 1862 Renjo Shimooka founded a photography studio. The second "Photo Yokohama", an international photo event organized by the city of Yokohama in cooperation with CP+, will also be held on a grander scale by coordinating with a greater number of cultural institutions, organizations, and agencies. Moving into the future, CP+ and the city of Yokohama will continue working together to further the advancement of photo and imaging culture.

In line with the theme "World Premiere – The power of photography to bring the world together", a number of events will be held at CP+ 2012 to explore different aspects of photo and imaging culture. There will be a special panel discussion in which specialists talk about the lives and work of Renjo Shimooka and Hikoma Ueno, two pioneers of commercial photography in Japan. There will also be a seminar on SLR video technology and its growing presence in commercial films and motion pictures, as well as other events related to the history and trends of photography. By exposing visitors to the fun of "shooting, viewing and linking", CP+ 2012 plans to deliver four days packed with product and photo exhibits and events that fully demonstrate the power of photography.

  • Event Overview

    Event Title: CP+ 2012
    Event Theme: World Premiere – The power of photography to bring the world together
    Event Outline:

    Period: Thursday, February 9 – Sunday, February 12, 2012
    February 9 (Thu) 12:00 – 17:00 (* Premier Time: 10:00 - 12:00)
    February 10 (Fri) – 11 (Sat) 10:00 – 17:00
    February 12 (Sun) 10:00 – 16:00
    * The regular hours have been shortened by one hour to help save electricity.
    * Premier Time is only open to members of the press, VIPs, and premier ticket holders.

    Venue: Pacifico Yokohama (Exhibition Hall and Annex Hall)
    Admission: ¥1,000 for general visitors (incl. tax)
    * Free admission for visitors who pre-register on the Website
    Free admission for visitors aged 65 years and older (silver pass or other proof of age required), visitors with a physical disability certificate, and children aged 12 years and younger
    Organizer: Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA)
    Sponsor: Japan Photo and Video Accessory Association
    Supporters: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan Tourism Agency, Kanagawa Prefecture, City of Yokohama, Yokohama Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

    Main Exhibition Subjects
    Cameras, Lenses, Photo Accessories, Printers, Photo Retouching Software, Mobile Devices, Displays, Projectors, Photo Finishing Products, Photo Books, Printing Paper, Studio Accessories & Equipment, etc.

    Expected number of exhibitors and visitors (as of November 16, 2011)

    • Exhibitors: 86 organizations (including 17 joint exhibitions) anticipated
      (Last year: 99 organizations, including 15 joint exhibitions)

    • Number of exhibition booth lots: 802 (including the organizer's zone) anticipated
      (Last year: 810, including the organizer's zone)

    • Registered Visitors: 50,000 (target)
      (Last year: 49,368)

Noteworthy Events of CP+ 2012

Portraits: Herbie Yamaguchi
Flower photography: Maki Kawai
Travel photography: Mineko Orisaku
Train photography: Yuya Yamasaki
Scenic photography (nature): Michiko Yone
Scenic photography (urban): Daisuke Fujimura
Telescope: Hiroaki Ohno
Snapshot/nightscapes: Takashi Namiki
Digital SLR (introduction): Ryo Ohwada
Digital SLR (advanced): Hideyuki Abe
Retouching: Masami Murao
Photo book/photo stock: Hirokazu Nagane
Blog/social media: Tomoyuki Furuichi
Photo accessories: Kenichi Masuda
Videography: Sho Ohashi
Photo + Haiku: Yoshitaka Nakatani/Toshiki Bojo

  • Keynote Speech
    Makoto Kimura, President of Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIPA)
    February 9 (Thu) 13:00–14:00 Annex Hall F201/202 Free admission, pre-registration required
    Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation
    The rapid pace of technological innovation and developments fuel the constant evolution of camera and video equipment, and today Japanese manufacturers play a more important role in this process than ever before. Makoto Kimura, President of Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIPA), will describe the current situation and future image of Japan's camera and imaging equipment industries, as well as discuss the role CIPA should assume in light of the shipping results and market trends over the last few years.

  • Special Panel Discussion on the 150th Anniversary of Commercial Photography in Japan
    "The Lives, Work, and Photos of Japan's Pioneers in Commercial Photography: Renjo Shimooka and Hikoma Ueno"
    "Authenticating Old Photos: Distinguishing Real Renjo Shimooka Photos from the Fake" Keisho Ishiguro, old photo collector
    "Examining the Photos of Hikoma Ueno and His Approach to Photography" Junichi Himeno, Professor of Nagasaki University Faculty of Environmental Studies
    Coordinator: Naomi Izakura, JCII Camera Museum, old photo researcher
    February 10 (Fri) 10:30–12:00 Annex Hall F205/206 Free admission, pre-registration required
    In 1862, shortly after Japan decided to open its doors to the outside world, two commercial photographers founded their businesses: Renjo Shimooka in Yokohama, and Hikoma Ueno in Nagasaki. In this session three researchers of old photos will discuss the lives and work of these groundbreaking photographers and the photos they left.

  • Panel Discussion and Seminar on SLR Videos
    (for professional photographers)

    • Panel Discussion: SLR Videos Give Rise to New Imaging Business
      Yasuhiro Miyahara (photographer), Kotaro Takano (video creator), and Hisayuki Yamamoto (video engineer)
      Coordinator: Yasushi Kawamoto (Editor-in-chief, monthly magazine "Commercial Photo")
      February 9 (Thu) 11:00–12:30 Annex Hall F205/206 Free admission, pre-registration required
      What business opportunities does the video functionality of digital SLR cameras offer professional photographers? Three professionals get together to discuss the current state of the video production business and new methods for employing photo shooting techniques to make videos.

    • Seminar: SLR Video Hands-on Lecture for Photographers
      Jiro Hirayama (photographer) and Hiroshi Kano (photographer)
      February 10 (Fri) 14:00–16:00 Annex Hall F205/206 Free admission, pre-registration required
      Two photographers currently working with digital SLR videos take an hour each to walk through their filming process. Each photographer discusses their initial planning stage, how they develop on-site ideas, the different video shooting and editing techniques they use, and how they deliver their work. This seminar is a must for all photographers looking to land jobs in the movie industry in the future!

  • "Photo Yokohama" presents
    Elliott Erwitt (Magnum Photos) Talk Show
    February 9 (Thu) 11:00–12:00 Annex Hall F201/202 Free admission, pre-registration required
    English-Japanese simultaneous interpretation
    Elliot Erwitt, a world renowned photographer and member of Magnum Photos, will come to Japan and take part in a special talk show held during CP+ in cooperation with "Photo Yokohama".

    <Magnum Photos> Magnum Photos is a group composed of and operated by the world's elite photo journalists. The group was founded in 1947 by Henri Cartier-Bresson (France), George Rodger (Great Britain), David "Chim" Seymour (Poland), and Robert Capa (Hungary), the latter being the brainchild of the group.

  • Panel Discussion by Top Engineers
    February 9 (Thu) 14:15–15:45 Annex Hall F201/202 Free admission, pre-registration required
    Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation
    It is clear that the digital age has truly arrived. In this session Yasunori Ichikawa of JCII Camera Museum speaks with top engineers from different manufacturers to discuss how cameras have changed and evolved in the digital age. In addition to talking about the advent of the much-hyped mirrorless camera and examining digital cameras that are already seemingly oversaturated with pixels, the panelists will discuss what is needed in cameras of the future.

    • Panelists:
      Takashi Suzuki (General Manager, OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP.) / Tatsuo Konno (Senior General Manager, CANON INC.) / Fujino Makoto (EXPERT, SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION) / Yasuyuki Nagata (Deputy Senior General Manager, Sony Corporation) / Tetsuya Yamamoto (General Manager, Nikon Corporation) / Shinobu Fusa (General Manager Products Planning Group, Panasonic Corporation) / Norihiro Sakaguchi (General Manager, RICOH COMPANY, LTD.)
      (* Panelists are subject to change.)

  • CP+ Technological Academy
    Part 1: February 9 (Thu) 13:00–15:50
    Part 2: February 10 (Fri) 10:30–13:20
    Part 3: February 10 (Fri) 14:00–16:50
    Annex Hall F203/204 ¥5,000/part, pre-registration required Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation
    Cooperating partners: Japan Optomechatronics Association, Optical Society of Japan, and the Society of Photographic Science and Technology of Japan

    Full lineup of lectures and presenters

    • Development of the ZUIKO Lens for the High-end Compact Digital Camera (Development of the OLYMPUS XZ-1's Lens)
      Masato Miyata (OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP.)

    • Technology overview of quick capturing system about EXILIM ZR Series
      Jun Hosoda (Casio Computer Co.,Ltd.)

    • About the EOS C300 Camera System
      Hisataka Hirose (Canon Inc.)

    • The latest ink-jet image processing technology to inspire pro and advanced amateur photographers
      Yasuhiko Uchida (Seiko Epson Corporation)

    • Translucent Mirror Technology. Sony's unique technology for interchangeable lens digital camera "α"
      Hiroshi Urushido (Sony Corporation)

    • Development of the Nikon 1 Advanced Camera with Interchangeable Lens System
      Naoki Kitaoka (Nikon Corporation)

    • Compact 3D Camera with Zooming Function
      Shigeo Sakaue (Panasonic Corporation)

    • The development of FUJIFILM X100 equipped with "Hybrid Viewfinder"
      Shigeru Kondo (FUJIFILM Corporation)

    • GPS Accessory O-GPS1 and its celestial tracking function " ASTROTRACER"
      (* Contents of seminars are subject to change.)

  • CIPA Press Presentation
    February 9 (Thu) 16:45-17:30 Annex Hall F203/204
    Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation
    (Special presentation limited to members of the press. General visitors are not allowed.)
    Makoto Kimura, President of CIPA, will announce the projections for camera shipments in 2012. The work of Photo Aid (a fund that aims to support the Great East Japan Earthquake recovery efforts for and through photography related activities) and the new CIPA standard will also be presented.

  • Marketing Seminar

    • NEW ! Digital Imaging Seminar by InfoTrends
      February 10 (Fri) 10:00–12:00 Annex Hall F201/202 Free admission, pre-registration required
      Japanese-English, English-Japanese simultaneous interpretation

      Imaging Opportunities in a Connected World
      JEFF HAYES (President, InfoTrends)
      The photo imaging market is entering a new era of change dominated by connected devices and services that make it simple and fun to capture and share life experiences. For some companies, this will present exciting opportunities for product innovation and growth. For others, there will likely be painful adjustments to product lines and business strategies. This presentation will examine how the imaging industry will evolve and how technology vendors can best position themselves for long-term success.

      Connecting Consumers with their Photos and Videos
      ALAN BULLOCK (Associate Director, Internet Imaging Trends (IIT) service, InfoTrends)
      Consumers are using a wide range of devices and services, including cameras, smartphones, tablets, connected consumer electronics, and social networks, to capture, store, view, and share their personal digital content. This session, will lay out a road map for participation in this digital imaging ecosystem, focusing on essential areas for growth in the imaging industry.

      Preserving Photo and Video Collections for the Future
      Masato Atoda (Senior Analyst, InfoTrends)
      Millions of photos and videos are lost or damaged by hardware failure, natural disaster, and other unforeseen circumstances. Consumers, faced with a rapidly growing collection of digital files, are often overwhelmed by the task of protecting those files, and instead choose to do nothing. This session will discuss market challenges and opportunities for vendors to develop long-term solutions to help consumers preserve their treasured photos and videos.

  • - CIPA and GfK Global Market Seminar
    February 10 (Fri) 13:00–16:00 Annex Hall F201/202 Free admission, pre-registration required
    Japanese-English, English-Japanese simultaneous interpretation
    While the CIPA statistics are continually updated to reflect current trends, the basis of these statistics exhibits a firm sense of continuity. However, 2011 left us with a number of pressing questions. Did the tumultuous world affairs of the year cast a dark shadow on the digital camera market, or did they create new opportunities emerge that led to further market growth? In the first part of this seminar CIPA will use the data derived from these statistics to objectively examine and reveal the answers to these questions. The second part of this session will be conducted by the GfK group, who will discuss the different markets around the world. In addition to presenting their research on Asia, which has risen rapidly as both a global manufacturer and consumer, they will turn their attention to Europe and the Middle East, two areas enveloped by the fierce tides of change in 2011. They will also discuss the latest trends in the United States and Japan, the two pilot markets, as well as Africa, a market that is expected to grow in the future.

    [CIPA] Statistics of Actual Shipments and Prospects
    Takashi Nakao (Chair of Research & Statistics Working Group, CIPA)

    [Global] The Imaging flow is here and now
    Marion Isabel Knoche (Global Director of Imaging, GfK Retail and Technology)

    [US] Capture, Connect, Create-North American Consumer Photographic Behavior
    Liz Cutting (Executive Director of Imaging Sector, The NPD Group)

    [Japan] Cannibalization? Smartphone and DSC
    Takuro Hiraoka (Business Manager, GfK Japan)

    [Africa] It is the right time to consider challenging markets
    Roger Carbonell (SUSA Region Dept Director, GfK Retail and Technology)

  • Enjoy Photo Stage
    February 11 (Sat) – 12 (Sun) Annex Hall F201/202 60 minutes per lecture
    The purpose of this event is to help amateur photographers further broaden their horizons in photography, enabling them to experience the joys of "shooting, viewing, and linking". "Enjoy Photo Stage" features a full lineup of presenters active in art photography, magazine and advertising photography, and other genres. These presenters will introduce visitors to techniques used by professionals in the field, and provide useful tips to help amateur photographers take better scenic photos, portraits, and pictures of the stars. They will also discuss methods for shooting and retouching, as well as photo cover stock and accessories. A total of 16 lectures are planned this year, with special emphasis given to "linking" through media such as the Web, blogs, and videos.

  • Exhibition by Japan Camera Industry Institute and JCII Camera Museum
    "Traveling Back 150 Years – Japanese Vistas and Cameras from the Bakumatsu and Meiji Periods -"
    February 9 (Thu)– 12 (Sun) Exhibition Hall
    1862 marks the year in which the two pioneers of commercial photography in Japan–Renjo Shimooka in Yokohama and Hikoma Ueno in Nagasaki–founded their respective photo studios. It could be said that these two studios were the starting points of the Japanese camera market, which has since grown to become the largest in the world. This exhibition highlights the techniques used by photographers 150 years ago and presents old photos of Japan taken during the Bakumatsu and Meiji periods, the eras in which Shimooka and Ueno were active. It will also exhibit vintage cameras produced at that time.

  • Photo Exhibitions and Lectures

    • NEW ! Photo exhibition by members of Japan Professional Photographers Society, "Select Works from 52 Professionals"
      February 9 (Thu) – 12 (Sun) Minato Mirai Gallery
      Japan Professional Photographers Society (JPS) was founded in 1950 to cultivate and support the professional skills of photographers. Since then JPS has grown to become a leading organization of professional photographers in Japan, with 1,722 regular members, 12 honorary members, and 54 supporting members (companies) (as of May 2011). In this photo exhibition the select works of 52 top JPS members will be on display in the Minato Mirai Gallery. These works vividly reflect the acute aesthetic sense of some of Japan's best professional photographers.

    • NEW ! JPS Lecture
      "Experiencing Problems? – Snapshots and Right of Portrait"
      February 11 (Sat) 13:00-15:00 Annex Hall F203
      Norihiko Matsumoto, Managing Director, Japan Professional Photographers Society (JPS)
      People often ask photographers shooting on the street not to take their picture, claiming that taking their picture without permission is a violation of the right of portrait. In this lecture Norihiko Matsumoto explain how to avoid this problem by giving examples of common rules and manners to observe when shooting snapshots.

    • Participatory Photo Event "Onaeba vol. 10 Yokohama"
      February 9 (Thu) – 12 (Sun) Onaeba exhibit area in the Exhibition Hall
      What is "Onaeba"?
      A nae-ba is a bed for rice seedlings. This event is named O-nae-ba because this is a place where younger photographers plant their seedlings for the future.

      Onaeba–an inspirational environment where individuals realize their potential and grow as photographers. This event gives all aspiring photographers valuable experience by providing them a place where they showcase their own exhibitions and gain confidence. The purpose of Onaeba is not about merely having fun or competing against others, but to instill photo enthusiasts with the courage to pursue their dreams and praise their dedication. Since the first Onaeba was held in 2006, nine different events have been held over the last five years in Tokyo, Yokohama, and Osaka. Through Onaeba many photographers have succeeded in becoming professionals, exhibiting their work in galleries, getting exposure from the foreign media, and landing jobs in magazines and advertising. In May, 2011, "Onaeba in NY" was held at "NYPH 11", one of the largest photo events in the United States, giving Japanese photographers a chance to break onto the world scene. Onaeba–a place where photographers resurrect their "nearly abandoned" dreams, a place where participants "encounter" meaningful moments and individuals that help them realize those dreams.

      Onaeba Official Site

      Applications for exhibitors will open at 12:00 PM, Thursday, November 24!

      * All the latest information on events is notified in press releases.
      * The contents of each event are subject to change.

Appendix: List of Exhibitors (as of November 16)
Agai Trading Corporation
Apollocreate Co., Ltd
ArcSoft K.K.
BENRO / Wide Trade Co., Ltd.
Canon Inc./Canon Marketing Japan Inc.
CompactFlash Association
DNP Fotolusio Co., Ltd.
Eizo Nanao Corporation
FIT Corporation
FUJIFILM Corporation
Fukuta Digital Photo Corp. [ VIVIPRI ]
General Imaging Japan Co., Ltd.
Guardforce Japan LTD.
Ichikawa soft laboratory Co., Ltd.
Japan Electronics Packaging and Circuits
Japan Telescope Manufactures Association
Kenko Professional Imaging Co., Ltd.
Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd.
Kohzu Precision Co.,Ltd.
Manfrotto Distribution
Maruman Corporation
memoMiiO/Memoproduction Japan K.K
MICRODIA (Asia Pacific) Ltd.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Nishi Laboratory, UEC Tokyo
Nissin Japan Ltd.
Panasonic Corporation
Profoto K.K.
SD Association
Shenzhen DBK Electronics Co., Ltd
Shibakawa Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Shriro Trading Co., Ltd
Sony Corporation / Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc.
Tamron Co., Ltd.
Tani Electronics Corporation.
Texas Instruments Japan Limited
TOKUYAMA Corporation
Toyo Living Co., Ltd
Velbon Corporation
Vixen Co., Ltd.