BrainDistrict™ Announces PaintSupreme™ Painting & Image Enhancement App for Macintosh®, Windows®, and Linux

posted Friday, December 23, 2011 at 1:12 PM EDT

Press Release

BrainDistrict's logo. Click here to visit the BrainDistrict website!New PaintSupreme App Features Sophisticated Brush & Gradient Tools, Layer-based Image Editing, Full Vector Support, and Intuitive Interface at an Affordable Price Point

COLOGNE, Germany, Dec. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- BrainDistrict GmbH, developer of world-class image manipulation and enhancement technologies, today announced the availability of PaintSupreme, a powerful yet easy-to-use application for drawing, paining, and image enhancement. Originally created for BrainDistrict's highly anticipated RaySupreme rendering and animation application, PaintSupreme is a fun and easy-to-use application that delivers stunning results at a price point that won't break the bank.

PaintSupreme's super-powers include highly sophisticated brush & gradient capabilities with many options tools, and is the only product in this price range that offers full vector support capable of creating paths that all tools can be applied on (the path itself as well as path contents). PaintSupreme offers full layer-based image editing, offering users a simple way to edit layered images. Users are raving about PaintSupreme's cool interface, which is very intuitive and easy for new users to start working in and create fantastic works immediately. And the best part ... PaintSupreme costs less than $20.00.

"PaintSupreme really is a fun and easy way to draw, paint, and edit images without the complexity of applications like Photoshop," said Markus Moenig, Managing Director of BrainDistrict GmbH. "More advanced users will appreciate the advanced vector capabilities, which are not currently found in either Photoshop or Pixelmator. PaintSupreme has something for everyone who needs a capable drawing and painting application yet doesn't want to spend a small fortune in the process."

BrainDistrict's PaintSupreme in use. Screenshot provided by BrainDistrict GmbH. Click for a bigger picture!

BrainDistrict's PaintSupreme in use.
Screenshot provided by BrainDistrict GmbH.

Pricing & Availability
BrainDistrict PaintSupreme is currently available for $19.99 for the Macintosh, Windows, and Linux platforms. The Windows & Linux version can be purchased from the BrainDistrict online shop. The Macintosh version is available in the Apple Mac App Store.

Please visit the BrainDistrict Web site for further details or to download a demo version of PaintSupreme or learn more about other BrainDistrict products & technologies available for individual purchase or technology license in SDK form.

About BrainDistrict
BrainDistrict GmbH, founded in 2009 by Markus Moenig, is a privately held company headquartered in Cologne, Germany. BrainDistrict develops and markets world-class audio/video and image enhancement and manipulation technologies. Major products include RaySupreme, PaintSupreme, GML (Geometry Modeling Library), and HelpSupreme.