pflugshaupt's reviews

  • Olympus 14-54mm f/2.8-3.5 Zuiko Digital

    10 out of 10 points and recommended
    image quality, build quality
    shades the pop-up flash on the E-400 at widest angles or up close

    Having bought the lens with a E-400 body, I'm very happy with it. Image quality is excellent and I really like the feel and handling of the lens.

    One small problem is that the E-400's pop-up flash gets shaded by the lens at wide angles (less than 18mm) and/or close up. This is due to the greater bulk of it compared to the E-400's kit lens, for which the pop-up flash is obviously made. I can live with that since I hardly use flash, and I can still use the pop-up flash as a fill-in in most conditions.

    reviewed January 5th, 2007 (purchased for $600)