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  • Nikon 28-100mm f/3.5-5.6G AF Nikkor

    7 out of 10 points and recommended
    Full frame FX, lightweight, inexpensive, good glass, very decent when stopped down.
    Plastic lens mount. All plastic body. Requires outofocus motor in camera body.

    I have used this lens on a D800 FX body and was surprised at the great daylight image quality given it's price and and some negative reviews I have read.

    First thing to note is that this lens was designed for full frame film use therefore equivalent to FX. It is probably a waste of time using it on a DX body as there are a number of inexpensive DX lenses available, designed for cropped frame sensors. On FX however, it offers a useful focal range and as with most zoom lenses, when stopped down to f8 or f11 in aperture priority mode it is really quite good with only a little softness in the extreme corners . The main image area is as sharp as many zooms in the mid price range and perfect with a little unsharp mask applied.

    If you are photographing in a hazardous, wet, dirty, dusty or sandy area, why risk your expensive zoom when lenses like this or it's equally good 28-80mm cousin are available and can give good service for 'peanuts' or the price of a filter?

    reviewed May 23rd, 2013