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  • Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro HSM APO

    10 out of 10 points and recommended
    built like a tank, HSM motor, manual override, sharp from F2.8, it comes with a nice pouch, excellent hood, great tripod mount (I can take it off when I dont need it), front does not rotate when focusing, it doesnt change its size when zooming, minimal fo
    the damn front CAP!! 77 mm, for some people weight

    I purchased this lens as my telezoom for sport shooting (in general quads) for (in recount) about $900. When the nice red and black box came to me, I was very happy. When you open it, a proper black pouch shows up. Certainly, in it you'll find a lense (and a strap to the pouch).

    My first sensation was like "wow, what a great piece of lens!". It is really well built, and in its casing youll find a millions of little shiny things. I just love the effect!

    In some minutes Ive made some shots of my dog. I was just amazed how good this lens is! Here
    you have two examples: http://www.pbase.com/norbert06/image/80875822

    AF works perfectly accurate and it's almost silent. It doesn't hunt in low light or so. Of course you can override it whenever you want.

    The next day I went to a quadcross race. I took off my D70s and Sigma 70-200 and made some shots before the start. Everything is clear. I went to a start stretch, took off my camera again. they started. I had made some shots, then I started watching it. And what? First one was overexposed like I set +6 EV or so, and aparat of that one every pictures was horribly blurred! I started looking if I set everything as it had to be set. everything was ok. Than I looked at my lens. The Focus was locked on absolute infinity! I couldnt unlock it. Even when I half-pressed shutter, it was possible to hear, that HSM works. I couldnt unlock it also on manual focus. So I had to pack and come back. When I came back to home, and took out my lens.. it was fine! Everything was ok. I was so mad at it. I phoned to service and they said me they had not ever heard about similar accident........

    Oh, and one more thing, I lost the front cap on the second race, it had to pop out when I was taking it off from my backpack. Shame that Sigma have't improved that thing.

    At the second race, everything was just ok. Here are some samples:

    Here is the rest:

    Hope you like it.

    Apart of the one accident and my lost front cap, I just love this lens

    reviewed July 17th, 2007 (purchased for $900)