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  • Sony E 20mm f/2.8 SEL20F28

    8 out of 10 points and recommended
    Portability/compactness, good sharpness, decent bokeh,
    Nothing really except, perhaps, that it isn't spectacular in any area (other than compactness)

    - Sharpness is very good in the center (most of the frame actually) wide open, while slightly soft in the extreme corners (only). Stopped down the center becomes great while the extreme corners get quite decent. If you want perfect corner-to-corner sharpness you should look elsewhere, though. I've used this lens for photographing paintings and while it's "good enough", I can't quite get pin-sharp corners.
    - Distortion is well controlled for a pancake and nothing to worry about unless you have straight lines in you photos. Without testing it extensively I'd say it's about 2%.
    - Vignetting is visibly there but nothing bad. Mostly I don't correct it in PP.
    - Bokeh was a positive surprise. I had expected it to be terrible in a pancake but it does have quite pleasant smoothness, while the 50mm (which I also own) is obviously better.
    - Chromatic aberration is there but easily corrected in PP.
    - Build is fine. Feels solid and like it's mostly made of very light metal (I could be wrong).
    - Portability is simply awesome. With this I can carry camera+lens in a pocket meaning I can never use size as a excuse for not bringing a camera. The perfect all round, portable combo, and the focal length is great for all round use IMHO.

    Its only achillesheel if any is, that while it does everything well, it's not spectacular in any area (except its compactness).

    reviewed July 18th, 2015 (purchased for $217)