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  • Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 Di VC USD SP

    9 out of 10 points and recommended
    Suburb build quality Accurate fast focus Good color Very sharp center wide open Excellent bokeh
    Stiff zoom ring

    I am very pleased with my Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 VC usd for Nikon lens. I read all sorts of reviews on the lens many of which compared it very favorably with the Nikon and Canon counterparts. I have used the Nikon 24-70 f2.8 as a rental on occasion however if I wished to purchase the VR version I would have had to spend $1300 plus tax more. After running the Tamron through its paces after my purchase and now having had the lens for a month of shooting I can honestly say you would really have to have deep pockets to purchase the Nikon or Canon 24-70mm. This lens performs so close and I mean so very close to the Nikon that I can see no reason to spend the additional money. I have compared my photos taken with the Nikon to the Tamron and can honestly not tell a difference. The build quality of the Nikon maybe slightly more robust but I'm not sure with even that statement as I haven't dropped, banged or tried to do serious damage to either so both may be tough as nails. The VC or VR (lens shake stabilization) is very good on both but I can say that the Tamron VC is quieter and instantaneous where I could notice the Nikon VR took a fraction of a second to grab.
    I am a Nikon shooter and have had and have a variety of Nikkor lenses and I can say that Nikkor lenses are top rate for sure. This is my first Tamron and for the price blows me away. It is sharp, very sharp the equal to the Nikkor. The focus seems very, very close to the Nikkor but I think that the Nikkor is a hair quicker. Both get focus every time even in low light. Some complain that the zoom control turns the wrong way (Canon shooters) but it is bang on for us Nikon people. The zoom was stiff when I first got the lens but either has gotten better or I adapted. The focus ring is thin but buttery smooth, precise and very sure for manual focus control.
    I was somewhat unsure in purchasing the Tamron due to many conflicting reports of poor copies of the lens and some saying it didn't measure up to the Canon or Nikon. I am so glad I bought the Tamron as either I got an excellent copy or Tamron has upped it's game. I can live with the distortion and vignetting as the Nikon was similar so it is the nature of the beast and easily corrected in post. This lens feels like a high quality product and I wouldn't say that if it wasn't true. I like the quality of my Nikon DSLR and Nikkor lenses and this just feels the same. High quality.
    The Tamron is water resistant with a rear lens mount rubber ring and weather sealing at other critical areas however I have yet to use this lens in the rain but it is nice to know that it is up to the task. The out of focus areas or bokeh seems to be quite good to me. I haven't noticed the onion effect I have read often about and I am pleased with the lens in this regard. For portrait photos I really like the out of focus background. The center sharpness at 2.8 is perfect for portraits.
    I purchased this lens off Ebay from Quickdone which is the same as Prodigital2000 (Canadian Dealers). They were very helpful with my questions I sent them and delivery was fast and right to my door. The price was $400 less than anywhere else and I got a 6 year Canadian Tamron Warranty. I was very pleased with my Canadian price. (Not grey market lens) They give you 14 days for a full refund which is why I tested the lens heavily in my first 14 days. Could not find any problem or reason to return the lens. I can highly recommend these companies for purchase.
    My final word is: If you are sitting on the fence as whether to cough up $2300 for Nikkor or Canon or to go with Tamron I would seriously say to take the leap to the Tamron. It may not have the panache of the Nikkor or Canon but those seeing your photos won't know the difference and you can buy another lens with the leftover money. The quality of the Tamron is first rate. Good deal eh!! (Obviously I am Canadian)

    reviewed September 2nd, 2016 (purchased for $770)