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  • Olympus 300mm f/4.0 IS Pro ED M.Zuiko Digital

    10 out of 10 points and recommended
    Tack Sharp Build like a tank Built-in Lens Hood Works extremely well with 1.4x teleconverter Light and compact Fast focus Focus distance limiters Lens foot with integrated Arca-Swiss lens plate
    Not a frigging thing

    I just returned from a trip to the High Arctic north of Svalbard. I made the same trip six years ago shooting Nikon gear (D3 and D3s, 500mm f4, 200-400mm f4, 300 f2.8). To put it simply, the Olympus 300mm f4 Pro is the best long lens I have ever used. The ONLY way anyone can write a less-than-stellar review of this lens is to be totally unfamiliar with "big" glass. (I've owned not only Nikon's, but also Canon's 600mm f4 lenses.) When attached to an Olympus OMD E-M1, the Oly Pro 300mm f4 will enable you to get absolutely spectacular images. Sure it's heavy and expensive for a Micro 4/3 lens. However, compared to the equivalent Nikon or Canon lens, this is absolutely amazing, weighing, costing, and taking up 1/3 of the weight, cost, and space. With the teleconverter designed for this and the 40-150mm f2.8 Pro, you have a staggeringly good 840mm f5.6 lens. I shot this directly against the Panasonic Leica 100-400mm lens, and it was soooo much better (image sharpness and contrast) that I returned the PL 100-400mm for a refund. [Note: I have had two different PL 100-400mm lenses, and both had the same poor (compared to the Oly 40-150mm and 300mm Pro lenses) image quality and very, very stiff [stuck like crazy] zoom ring operations.]

    This lens is not for everyone. However, if you are a MFT photographer and shoot sports, wildlife, or anything that needs a "long reach," this is a no-brainer. With proper long-lens shooting technique, this tool will help you achieve the best photographs you've ever taken! End of story! So, stop complaining about the price and weight. You will never own a lighter or less expensive 600mm f4 lens. Or, a sharper, faster focusing one!

    A brief comment about the lens design. It is absolutely genius to have a retracting lens hood. The PL 100-400mm is virtually useless unless you use the longer one, but it is not retractable. And, if you choose to use the Oly 300mm Pro on a ball head, the lens foot is fully compatible with an Arca-Swiss mount; no need to buy a separate lens plate. Why haven't Nikon and Canon done this (sorry, Really Right Stuff, don't want to have you lose business, but at these prices, the lens foot should already have the grooves in it like Olympus has done). Plus, there is a "decorative" ring to cover the studs that protrude with you remove the tripod collar! Genius. The 300mm f4 is so light and compact, you can leave your tripod at home and hand-hold using the amazing dual IS system with an E-M1 or E-M5II. Brilliant!

    reviewed August 9th, 2016 (purchased for $2)