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  • Panasonic 12-60mm f/2.8-4 ASPH POWER OIS LEICA DG VARIO-ELMARIT

    10 out of 10 points and recommended
    focal length Durability Size/weight Work Horse

    This lens is the best. If you own a M4/3 Panasonic camera then this is a must have lens. 24-120 is perfect for a work horse lens. It gets nice and wide for video and vlogging as well as enough of a zoom to get nice portraits for photo. I have read some reviews about this lens not being sharp and let me tell you, it is SHARP at all focal lengths. I love the color and when you pair it with the G9 and the 6 Axis I.O.S it is like having a gimbal. This lens is way better than the 12-60 3.5 and worth the extra $$$. I got mine for $500 used on Craig's List. The other big thing about this lens is it's size. The FF equivalent would be twice this size. The focus ring is nice and smooth and works great with the focus peaking. This lens closes fully when at 12mm unlike the 3.5. You can also put the lens cap on and the hood with Tiffen ND filters. This lens is a must have for your camera bag. Here is a video review I did comparing the 12-60 2.8 to the 3.5.

    reviewed May 29th, 2019 (purchased for $500)