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  • Canon EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM

    5 out of 10 points and not recommended
    Lightweight, fairly good build-quality, balances well on all EOS M series cameras. If you get a good copy of this lens, IQ levels can be quite superior.
    Huge variations in optical performance levels among different copies of this lens. Very slow minimum F6.3 on the long end (and we're talking 45 MM here). Plastic lens mount.

    To begin with, I have sort of an "approach/avoidance" conflict mindset regarding the Canon EF-M 15-45 F3.5-6.3 IS STM lens. You see, I had to go through 4 copies of this lens before receiving one that was fairly good. It's a hit or miss proposition with this lens and it's been well documented (or talked about) on various Canon EOS M forums.

    More so, after sending in one copy of the lens to Canon for repair (severe decentering after getting it with an M100 kit), I was informed that all Canon does is to send you a new one in its place. The customer service rep at the Canon repair facility even admitted (which was surprising) that the EF-M 15-45 is one of the most returned lenses in their inventory. She went on to state that typically, Canon do not repair this lens because it's not cost effective for them to do so. That's why they just send you a new one.

    Now, bear in mind if you get a great one right off the bat, you'll be quite pleased. Good copies of this lens can really put a smile on your face. I was lucky in that the 2nd EF-M 15-45 that I received (came with the M6 kit), was superb, being sharp from corner to corner. So now I have two excellent copies - but I've been through the ringer with various copies of this lens prior to this.

    IMO, Canon really needs to update this lens, making it more consistent optically (from copy to copy, that is), and to also make it a big faster. Having an F6.3 minimum on a relatively short long end of 45 MM is really cost cutting here. Having (at a minimum). And subjectively speaking, I would like to see Canon release more metal lens mounts.

    reviewed November 27th, 2019 (purchased for $200)
  • Canon EF-M 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM

    8 out of 10 points and recommended
    Superb build quality for the genre, along with a metal lens mount. Great optical characteristics if you get a good one.
    Your results may be dependant on how good a copy you receive (Canon has issues with their kit lenses being consistent enough).

    The EF-M 18-55 was the very first lens that I experienced in the EOS-M line of cameras. It came with both the M and M2 cameras that I purchased. Surprisingly, I was impressed with the appearance, balance, and superb build quality of this lens. I wound up with a 3rd copy (which I purchased separately), but was disappointed to discover at how soft that particular copy was, so I sold it.

    But from what it appears, Canon has less copy-to-copy issues with this 18-55 than what they experience with the smaller EF-M 15-45 lens (where huge differences in quality surface among various copies).

    I've been quite happy with this lens for a number of reasons and only wish that Canon would have continued releasing more lenses with this build quality (and metal lens mount). The other zoom lens that Canon released with the same build quality is their superb 11-22.

    So yes, although Canon no longer actively produces this lens, there are still plenty of them available on eBay (separated from the kit) and I'd strongly recommend getting one. The prices are fantastic, given its superb performance for the genre.

    reviewed November 27th, 2019 (purchased for $100)
  • Canon EF-M 18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM

    8 out of 10 points and recommended
    Covers a great range of a 29-240 MM focal range. Performance surprisingly good for an all-in-one lens of this genre. Surprisingly great build quality.
    Performance decreases as to approach 100 MM. Plastic lens mount. Canon should have made it wider at the long end (like an equivalent 24 MM). Can does not provide a lens hood.

    For a long time I had been quite hesitant about purchasing these long zoom all-in-one lenses - mainly due to the inherent tradeoffs from trying to cover such a long focal range.

    But I stumbled upon this lens on eBay (from a great seller), who had 30 of them - new, separated from the kit in a white box. So I ordered it, fully expecting (assuming) it to be marginal at best. However, when it arrived, I was quite surprised to note the following:

    1. Great build quality - although still has a plastic lens mount (wish Canon would release most of their lenses with the metal lens mount - subjective, I know).

    2. Performance on the wide end actually is sharper than my good copies of the EF-M< 18-55 and EF-M 15-45 - now go figure? As you approach 100 MM, things become less sharp (to be expected), but IQ levels are still superb. And IS performance is pretty good for a lens of this type.

    3. Lens feels good (I keep mine on the M50) on the camera body.

    4. IQ levels are high and images have great contrast and color results.

    reviewed November 27th, 2019 (purchased for $359)