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  • Canon EF 35mm f/2

    8 out of 10 points and recommended
    Cheap, sharp, light, compact.
    Not an L lens. Slightly noisy.

    Let's be honest. This is a budget lens. We all want high end gear but usually have to settle for cheaper stuff. Lenses such as this make that OK.

    This baby OUT PERFORMS the f1.4L in some categories. It's not far behind in the others.
    Everybody loves zooms & use them most of the time. The only reason we still use primes is because they're fast & sharp. Zooms have become sharper, so therefore we only use primes because they're fast. This lens is fast compared to almost any zoom.

    35mm is slightly wide or around normal on a DSLR, depending on the sensor, therefore;
    it's not wide enough for the "serious" landscape people & it's not long enough for the "nature" people, so it's going to be used as a "general" lens when the lights low.
    It's light enough to have in your bag all the time & just used in those low light situations.
    It makes a good lens for light, all day walks & hikes.
    Don't worry about the data, you're just distracting yourself from the main purpose; taking beautiful & interesting pictures. If those wing-nuts can do it with a LOMO, then you can do it with something like this.

    reviewed May 30th, 2009 (purchased for $200)