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  • Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM

    8 out of 10 points and recommended
    Smaller, Light weight
    Needs light, S/B f/2.8

    As I post this Canon, has decided to recall some of the earliest lenses. Something about "lens flare up" on the wider apertures and wider zoom. I have not seen this too much. I really can't stand to mail out my lens already. Its almost like a vehicle recall campaign.

    After much hoopla, the Canon EF lens, 24-105mm F4L USM is available. The supplies are limited, some stores are back ordered until late November 2005.

    Which much anticipation I waited to receive and try out this "walk around" lens. The features like Image Stabilizer is suppose to give the equivalent effect of a shutter three stops faster. The USM for fast, quiet focusing which it does. Manual focusing is available in autofocusing mode. Tight seals to ensure dust proof, moisture protection. This is true on my recent New England rainy trip. All of this is already available on other Canon L lens.

    This lens has been on my Canon 1D MK II for 18 days now. I like the lens, more for its size than its ability to provide sharp quality images. So far I kind would have liked this lens to have an constant aperture of 2.8. It does not do well in cloudy or darkly light subjects. The constant 4.0 opening tends to produce softer photos. The middle ranges are probably where I see better results. I write all of this with some hesitation. I am hoping with some real outdoors shooting that I will be a big fan of this lens. The quiet AF focusing is almost too fast. It makes it feel like the camera or lens has not reacted to the subject. Something that I have to get used to.

    Already owning the Canon 70-200mm 2.8L lens, I have to make some comparisons. Although this is a larger and heavier lens and more expensive, its does produce some quality photos. Being fair to the new 24-105 lens, I must give it some more time to win my confidence. As of this point Ihope that my investment will pay off.

    reviewed November 3rd, 2005 (purchased for $1,250)