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  • Sigma 100-300mm f/4 EX IF HSM APO

    8 out of 10 points and not recommended
    Built like a tank, fast focus
    Optics could be better, bokeh

    Let's start with pros - I really like the build quality of this lens, which is unusual for Sigma. It's built like a tank, metal barrel, zoom and focus rings operate very smooth, nothing to fault here. Also the autofocus is really silent and accurate, another plus for Sigma.

    Now what I didn't like: sharpness is ok. Not great, but usable. CA's (it's not true APO lens after all) as well. Completely useless as a portrait lens - while f4 is fine at 300mm, having the same at 100mm means that the DOF control is rather poor, also bokeh is simply horrible.

    All in all it's not a bad lens, however it can't compete with 70-200 f2.8, especially stabilised ones.

    reviewed June 8th, 2010