billytompkins's reviews

  • Sigma 10mm f/2.8 EX DC Fisheye HSM

    7 out of 10 points and recommended
    at F8 or less--very sharp
    at 2.8---focus is off

    At 2.8, 3.5, 5.6--lens goes soft--especially at 2.8--which is disappointing since I shoot live music that is dark most of the times. At F8--its great, but F8 is the exception not the norm of my shooting. Too bad. I had the first lens glass fall out and Sigma replaced right away. The lens cap and circular overleaf are very sturdy builds which is nice. Too bad the lens is not sharp wide open. Sigma should recall and replace and I would buy more of their lenses.

    reviewed November 27th, 2010 (purchased for $700)