lol101's reviews

  • Samsung 30mm f/2 NX

    10 out of 10 points and recommended
    High image quality, well built, very small and cheap.
    no iFn button

    THE lens to get with a NX!

    Excellent IQ right from the (large) maximum aperture.
    No distortion, no chromatic aberration, almost no vignetting... in a very light and small package.

    And did I mention it's cheap?

    If you have a NX, go get it!

    ... and if you don't have a NX, buy one and THEN, GO GET IT!

    reviewed February 5th, 2011 (purchased for $310)
  • Samsung 20mm f/2.8 NX

    8 out of 10 points and recommended
    Good resolution qualities, small and light, iFn button, cheap!
    Some distorsion and chromatic aberration

    Another very nice and useful lens for the NX if you like a moderate wide angle.

    Construction is excellent, AF near silent and performances very high (although a notch down from the 30mm).

    iFn is also nice to use for changing parameters in a seamless way.

    Small and light also makes it a perfect companion for the street shooter.

    The NX line will be successful if Samsung continues issuing excellent lenses like this one.

    reviewed February 5th, 2011 (purchased for $310)