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  • Panasonic 12.5mm f/12 LUMIX G 3D

    2 out of 10 points and not recommended
    3D that can be used with new generation Panasonic m43 cameras
    can only be used in bright light, presently does not support videos, for only a bit more can purchase a dedicated 3D camera from Fujifilm that produces better stills and video as well

    This is a limited review based on some initial impressions. I used the 3D with my Pansonic GH2, and it was fun getting some 3D shots and then viewing them on my 3D television. However, so many of my outdoor daytime shots came out too dark to be useful, even when the auto ISO function set the ISO at 1600; some of these shots were taken in the shade though so I would conclude, as does the review posted by slrgear, that the lens can only be used effectively in bright light.

    Although it is nice to have a 3D lens available for my GH2, I also recently purchased the Fujifilm FinePix REAL 3D W3 camera, for not so much more money than the Panny 3D lens alone. The Fujifilm camera image quality seemed better, and I was able to produce satisfactory 3D photos at lower levels of illumination. Moreover, the camera supports HD 3D videos, unlike the Panny 3D lens, which when coupled with one of the Panny cameras that support it, only produces photographs.

    One other advantage of the Fujifilm camera is the two lenses are placed about the same distance apart as our eyes, unlike the Panny lens where the lenses are placed close together. I suspect this is why the 3D effect produced by the Fujifilm camera seems (to my eyes) more realistic.

    So, although it is good to have a 3D option from Panasonic, for my money I would buy the Fujifilm 3D camera over the Panny lens, and use the m43 cameras for 2D shots only.

    reviewed February 11th, 2011 (purchased for $249)