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Live Tradeshow Coverage
Sept 23 - Sept 28, 2008
Cologne, Germany

Welcome to Imaging Resource's Live Photokina 2008 Tradeshow Coverage. Since 1950, the German city of Cologne has played host to Photokina - the world�s largest photography and imaging expo. Since the 1952 show, Photokina has been a biennial event, meaning that it takes place only once every two years. For 2008, Imaging Resource will have a four-man team on the show floor, bringing you on-the-spot videos of the hottest products. Our news team back home will also be providing a steady flow of coverage on all the latest announcements, ensuring readers are kept on top of what we're expecting to be a very busy show. Photokina 2008 looks set to be a very exciting event, so keep checking back throughout the show!

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Video Coverage (most recent first). Click on the image to view!

Video: New Manfrotto products

Dave Etchells interviews Will Holowka of Bogen Imaging USA, about some new tripods and lightstands from Manfrotto.

Video: New products from Op/Tech USA

Terry Jackson shows us three new products from Op/Tech USA.

Video: Eye-Fi wireless SD cards

Ziv Gillat shows us how the Eye-Fi SD card transmits images wirelessly to computers or internet sites from any SD compatible camera.

Video: Lenspen SensorKlear Loupe

Peter Meurrens of Lenspen demonstrates their new product at Photokina '08, the SensorKlear Loupe.

Video: Phase One

Dave Etchells interviews Drew Gardner, a professional fashion photographer, about his use of the new Capture 1 (v4.5) software, and Phase One bodies and lenses.

Video: Tenba camera bags

Shawn Barnett talks to Michael Hess from Tenda about their new Shootout sling bag.

Video: New products from Pentax

Dave Etchells talks to Ned Bunnell from Pentax about the newly announced K2000 digital SLR camera, 3 new lenses and a macro flash kit.

Video: Think Tank Photo

Dave Etchells talks to Deanne Fitzmaurice about Think Tank Photo's innovative camera bags.

Video: Lensbaby on a D90

An industry first - Sam Pardue puts a Lensbaby Composer on a D90 and shoots some video!

Video: Nikon D90

Dave Etchells interviews Wolfgang G�ddertz of Nikon's Consumer Products Division about the D90.

Video: Kata's 3-in-1 camera bag

Shawn Barnett interviews Katia Shuklin of Kata bags about their newest camera bag, the 3-in-one sling bag.

Video: Sunex SuperFisheye lens

Shawn Barnett talks to Francois Pelletier of Sunex about their SuperFisheye DSLR lens with 185° field-of-view.

Video: Lensbaby Composer

Dave Etchells interviews Sam Pardue, co-founder of Lensbaby, about their newest Lensbaby product, the Composer.

Video: Leica C-Lux and D-Lux cameras

Andrew Alexander interviews Christian Erhardt of Leica, who tells us about their new C-Lux and D-Lux digital cameras.

Video: Leica M8.2

Andrew Alexander interviews Christian Erhardt of Leica, who shows us the new M8.2 and several new lenses for the Leica M system: 21mm f/1.4, 24mm f/1.4, 24mm f/3.8 and the US$10,000 50mm f/0.95 Noctilux.

Video: Kodak OLED picture frame

Dave Etchells interviews Mike Telek of Kodak, who shows us Kodak's new OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display technology.

Video: Hiti wireless transmitter

Dave Etchells interviews Calvin Wang of Hiti Digital about their new Wireless Printer connection, which works with any PictBridge-compatible digital camera.

Video: New products from Sigma

Dave Etchells interviews the CEO of Sigma Corporation, Michihiro Yamaki, about their latest product announcements: the DP2, SD15, and an updated 24-70mm f/2.8 lens.

Video: Samsung HZ-1

Dave Etchells interviews Richard E. Campbell about Samsung's latest camera release.

Video: Tamron lenses

Dave Etchells interviews Greg Maniaci about Tamron's latest lenses.

Video: Photoflex

Dave Etchells talks to Gene Kester of Photoflex about their innovative lighting systems.

Video: New cameras from Olympus

Dave Etchells talks to Sally Smith Clemens from Olympus about two concept cameras and the new Stylus 1050SW with tap control.

Video: PhotoRobot

Andrew Alexander interviews Kamil Hrbàcek about his PhotoRobot, an automated solution to taking rotated product shots.

Video: Tokina's new zoom lens

Dave Etchells interviews Michael Burnham of THK Photo Products, Inc (Tokina) about their newest lens offering, the AT-X 16.5-135mm f/3.5-5.6 DX zoom.

Video: Casio FH20

Andrew Alexander interviews Bill Heuer of Casio America, Inc. about the new high-speed EX-FH20 digicam.

Video: Panasonic Lumix G1

Dave Etchells talks to Panasonic about the new Micro Four Thirds Lumix G1 and G-series lenses.

Video: Sony Alpha A900

Shawn Barnett interviews Kristen Elder of Sony, who discusses the positioning of the full-frame Alpha DSLR-A900.

Video: Camera Armor

Shawn Barnett interviews Trish Shallest of Camera Armor, who demonstrates some new products.

Video: New bags from Lowepro

Shawn Barnett interviews Adam Croan and Kevin Crandall of Lowepro, who demonstrate the features of their new Primus and Classified series of camera bags.

Video: Adobe Photoshop CS4

Dave Etchells talks to Bryan O'Neil Hughes about Adobe's Photoshop CS4 and CS4 Extended.

Video: Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Dave Etchells walks us through some of the key features of Canon's new EOS 5D Mark II full-frame DSLR.

Video: HP Z3200 Photo Printer

Dave Etchells talks to Ben Wolf from HP about the new HP Z3200 Professional Photo Printer.

Video: Fujifilm Real 3D Camera

Dave Etchells talks to Mikio Wantanabe about Fujifilm's new digital camera that takes and displays 3D images. See our news article for more info.

Video: Microsoft Photosynth

Dave Etchells talks to Joshua Edwards from Microsoft Live Labs about their new photo viewing technology Photosynth.

Video: Vertus Fluid Mask 3

Andrew Alexander interviews Barbara Luef of Vertus, who demonstrates version 3 of the Fluid Mask program.

Video: The new Leica S-system

Andrew Alexander interviews Christian Ernhardt and Justin Stailey of Leica about Leica's newest camera, the S2. See our Leica S2 news article for more details.

Video: Bibble 5

Dave Etchells talks to Eric Hyman of Bibble Labs about the soon to come Bibble 5. Eric walks Dave through some of the upgrades.