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New Sony Cyber-shots Get Significant Updates

LAS VEGAS -- Sony Electronics today announced its new line of high performance Cyber-shot® digital cameras, including the DSC-S70, the only digital camera to combine 3.3 mega-pixel resolution with advanced Carl ZeissTM optics.


The new line also includes the Cyber-shot DSC-S50 and DSC-S30 cameras. Available in May, the three cameras are expected to sell for about $800, $600 and $500, respectively.

"With high pixel density, outstanding Carl Zeiss optics, advanced in- camera processing options and unique imaging features, like 12-bit A/D conversion, the Cyber-shot DSC-S70 camera offers all of the convenience and benefits that digital photography provides, along with some of the imaging capabilities typically associated with 35mm cameras," said Jay Sato, vice president of digital imaging marketing for Sony Electronics.


More Choices, New Features

All of the new Cyber-shot cameras (DSC-S30, DSC-S50 and DSC-S70) are equipped with a number of innovative features that include:


High Resolution with Exceptional Optics

In addition to the above features, the high performance Cyber-shot DSC-S70 camera delivers the highest image resolution yet offered in a Sony digital camera. It offers a 3.3 mega-pixel CCD, a Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar lens with 3x optical zoom, a convenient optical viewfinder, and a programmable AE mode with fully adjustable shutter speed and aperture priority.

The DSC-S70 also features MPEG High Quality Mode, which allows for MPEG full frame playback on a standard television -- rather than 1/4 frame playback that had been previously available -- and an increased frame rate of 16 fps that results in smoother movement.

In addition to its built-in intelligent flash, the Cyber-shot DSC-S70 camera also has an added external flash terminal for the HVL-F1000. By attaching this optional flash, images more than 30 feet away even in a poorly lit environment will appear clean and crisp. The DSC-S70 communicates directly with the flash, telling it what features have been selected for each image. The HVL-F1000 flash will be available in April for about $120.


All of Sony's Cyber-shot digital cameras offer increased life through a rechargeable InfoLithium® battery with AccuPowerTM meter. The battery life is approximately two hours or 2,500 shots in still image standard mode. The AccuPower meter displays how many minutes of battery life are available, so unexpectedly running out of battery power is no longer a worry.

More Memory, More Connectivity

Sony also announced a high speed Memory Stick USB adapter, model MSAC-US1, which transfers data from Memory Stick® media to a USB ready Mac® or PC at a rate of up to 3MB per second -- roughly 50 times the rate of serial connectors.

In addition, Sony announced a new floppy disk adapter, model MSAC-FD2M, which allows convenient reading and writing to Memory Stick media by most Mac or PC standard floppy disk drives.

The Memory Stick USB adapter MSAC-US1 and Memory Stick floppy disk adapter MSAC-FD2M will be available in April, and are expected to sell for about $70 and $80, respectively.

The small size yet high capacity of the Memory Stick media card makes it ideal for a variety of compact digital products. Currently, Memory Stick media is available in 8, 16, 32 and 64 MB sizes, and sells for about $30, $50, $80 and $140, respectively. Sony expects to introduce up to a 256 MB Memory Stick card by next year.

Popular 1999 Models Continue

Sony continues to offer its popular Cyber-shot DSC-F505 and DSC-770 models, for about $1,000 and $1,500, respectively. These cameras provide features normally associated with high performance single lens reflex cameras, such as high-speed auto-focus and manual focus ring, manual or automatic shutter speed, aperture priority settings, and pop-up intelligent flash. The Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar zoom lens on the DSC-F505 has a 5x optical and 10x precision digital zoom (equivalent to f+38-190mm on a 35mm camera), delivering a sharp, clean picture even when zooming in on the action. The DSC-770 offers many professional-grade manual features, including an internal histogram to give photographers ample flexibility to control and compose digital images the way they desire.

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