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The Photo Marketing Association Show 2000 - click for a bigger picture!
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Welcome to the Imaging Resource's coverage of the annual Photo Marking Association (PMA) Show in Las Vegas, Nevada! The PMA Show has long been the place to be for the Imaging industry, so perhaps it is no surprise that PMA has also become the traditional showplace for all the very latest in digital imaging. With all the heavyweights and plenty of hopefuls lining up to show their newest products, many of them only announced in the days running up to the show (or even at the show itself), PMA is always an exciting place to be! This year looks to be an extraordinary event, with more new digital products than ever before, and many that we think will rock the industry. We'll be covering the show live, with reports several times a day from the show floor on all the new digital imaging products, be they targeted at the Pros, or the home user. You, too, can be part of the action, by participating in our news forums, where you can discuss the latest products and the implications of what you've seen!

So what should you look out for? A prequel to PMA itself, the Digital Focus event on the evening of February 02, promises to bring all of the digital camera manufacturers and their latest models into one room, and is an excellent chance for us to see the products up close... This is followed by the show itself, which runs from Thursday February 03 to Sunday February 06 - and we'll be there for the peak of this! Who will be at the show? Expect to see all the names from Agfa to Zing - and a whole lot else in between... This is going to be a really exciting week!

  • PMA Wind Down:
    PMA may be over, but the waves haven't yet died down... Tune in here for all the after-show news!
    Info on Canon S10 updates, and lots more PMA news!
    Monday, February 14, 2000 - 3:02 EST
    LOTS of photos of the PMA Show!
    Monday, February 14, 2000 - 1:58 EST
    Fuji recaps PMA awards!
    Thursday, February 10, 2000 - 18:38 EST
    Toshiba PDR-M5 wins award at PMA!
    Thursday, February 10, 2000 - 13:52 EST
  • PMA Day Four:
    As PMA begins to wind down, we bring you our final live updates from the show! What did we think of PMA 2000? We'll tell you!
    Epson announces new photo printers, lightfast papers and inks!
    Sunday, February 6, 2000 - 21:31 EST
    2000 DIMA Digital Printer Shoot-Out winners announced!
    Sunday, February 6, 2000 - 17:32 EST
    2000 DIMA Innovative Digital Product awards announced!
    Sunday, February 6, 2000 - 17:06 EST

  • PMA Day Three:
    PMA 2000 continues, with more than enough to keep us busy. What more have we found today? Read it all here!
    2000 DIMA Digital Camera Shoot-Out winners announced!
    Friday, February 4, 2000 - 23:17 EST
    Leica announces Digilux Zoom!
    Friday, February 4, 2000 - 23:05 EST
    JVC delays release of QC-GX3!
    Friday, February 4, 2000 - 22:13 EST
    Friday Headlines at PMA
    Friday, February 4, 2000 - 17:58 EST

  • PMA Day Two:
    The show is in progress - and we've got all the latest news, LIVE from the show floor!
    More on the JVC QC-GX3!
    Friday, February 4, 2000 - 0:04 EST
    More on the new HP/Pentax cameras!
    Thursday, February 3, 2000 - 22:58 EST
    Late-Breaking News Highlights from PMA
    Thursday, February 3, 2000 - 21:51 EST
    PMA Thursday Mid-Day News Highlights
    Thursday, February 3, 2000 - 18:04 EST

  • PMA Day One:
    What did we see at Digital Focus? What last minute news have we heard? Time to find out!
    Day One News Highlights
    Thursday, February 3, 2000 - 0:00 EST
    Sony to announce Mavica MVC-FD95?
    Wednesday, February 2, 2000 - 19:12 EST
    Sony announces three new CyberShot cameras!
    Wednesday, February 2, 2000 - 19:08 EST
    Olympus announces two new digicams, printer and batteries!
    Wednesday, February 2, 2000 - 10:24 EST

  • PMA Build Up:
    All the news and releases to get you up to date on what to expect from PMA 2000.
    Advanced Lumitech to show Luminescent Photo Paper!
    Tuesday, February 1, 2000 - 18:15 EST
    Digital Intelligence changes name, receives funding!
    Tuesday, February 1, 2000 - 15:38 EST
    Seattle Filmworks changes name, embraces digital!
    Tuesday, February 1, 2000 - 15:18 EST
    MGI to sponsor DIG reception, participate in panel discussion!
    Monday, January 31, 2000 - 23:37 EST