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Here are all of our Ricoh digital camera reviews, listed alphabetically by model.

image of the Ricoh GR II digital camera

Ricoh GR II

16.2 megapixel, Compact, Non-Zoom

The Ricoh GR II updates its predecessor with Wi-Fi that works from most any device, a deeper raw buffer and wireless flash support, but keeps everything we loved in its predecessor. Are the tweaks enough to keep this large-sensored yet pocketable camera relevant in 2016? Find out now in our in-depth Ricoh GR II review!

Released July 2015

$496.95 Dave's Pick


image of the Ricoh GR III digital camera

Ricoh GR III

24.2 megapixel, Compact, Non-Zoom

Available February 2019



image of the Ricoh Theta S digital camera

Ricoh Theta S

14.5 megapixel, Other, Non-Zoom

Most cameras seem a lot alike, but not so the Ricoh Theta S. With twin fisheye lenses, each with its own image sensor, this sleek camera can capture complete 360-degree spherical panoramas in a single shot, handling all the stitching for you automatically. And not just that, the Theta S also shoots spherical panoramic videos! It offers the chance to take yourself right back to the moment of capture like no other camera can, but does it belong in your camera bag, or is it just too niche? Find out in our detailed Ricoh Theta S review!

Released October 2015

$349.95 Dave's Pick

Express Review

image of the Ricoh Theta SC digital camera

Ricoh Theta SC

14.5 megapixel, Other, Non-Zoom

Released October 2016



image of the Ricoh Theta V digital camera

Ricoh Theta V

14.5 megapixel, Other, Non-Zoom

Released August 2017


Hands-On Preview

image of the Ricoh WG-50 digital camera

Ricoh WG-50

16.0 megapixel, Compact, 5.00x Zoom

Released June 2017




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