Here are all of our Pentax digital camera reviews, listed alphabetically by model.

image of the Pentax 645D digital camera

Pentax 645D

40.0 megapixel, Pro SLR, Non-Zoom

Though big and pricey, the Pentax 645D is surprisingly nimble and makes amazing pictures. We took the 645D for a few spins around town and ran it through our test lab and were amazed at the detail it captured.

Released December 2010

$3599.00 Dave's Pick


image of the Pentax 645Z digital camera

Pentax 645Z

51.4 megapixel, Pro SLR, Non-Zoom

Medium-format cameras offer truly spectacular resolution, but until now, it's always come alongside a difficult compromise. With the Pentax 645Z, that changes. Building on 2010's 645D, the Pentax 645Z offers features that are rare or in some cases unique in a medium-format camera. Pick up its weather-sealed body, and you'll find both live view and video capture on offer, not to mention an extremely wide sensitivity range, 27-point phase-detect autofocus system -- and compared to rivals, very swift performance too! And of course, you'll get the incredible detail-gathering capability of medium-format, plus a really big, bright viewfinder. Is it time you considered moving up from full-frame? Read our Pentax 645Z review, and find out!

Released June 2014

$6996.95 Dave's Pick


image of the Pentax K-1 digital camera

Pentax K-1

36.4 megapixel, Pro SLR, Non-Zoom

Released April 2016


Initial Test

image of the Pentax K-3 digital camera

Pentax K-3

24.4 megapixel, Pro SLR, 7.50x Zoom

Ricoh's flagship APS-C camera, the 24-megapixel Pentax K-3 is jam-packed with clever technology, yet it's also affordably priced and among the very smallest enthusiast DSLRs. As well as overhauled imaging, autofocus, and metering, it also boasts an industry-first system that lets you choose whether resolution or moire-resistance are more critical for any given shot. But can its unique advantages tempt you away from mainstream rivals Canon and Nikon? (And should you upgrade, if you're already a Pentaxian?) Find out in our Pentax K-3 review!

Released November 2013

$699.00 Dave's Pick


image of the Pentax K-3 II digital camera

Pentax K-3 II

24.4 megapixel, Pro SLR, Non-Zoom

The Pentax K-3 II keeps almost everything we loved from the superb K-3, then replaces the popup flash with an in-camera GPS -- not just for automatic geotagging, but also for freezing star-trails in astrophotography. As if that wasn't cool enough, its Pixel Shift Resolution tech takes detail to the next level for razor-sharp photos. But what are the drawbacks, and should you buy this camera or the original K-3? Find out now in our in-depth Pentax K-3 II review!

Released May 2015



image of the Pentax K-50 digital camera

Pentax K-50

16.3 megapixel, SLR, 3.06x Zoom

Released July 2013


First Shots

image of the Pentax K-S1 digital camera

Pentax K-S1

20.1 megapixel, SLR, 3.06x Zoom

Released September 2014



image of the Pentax K-S2 digital camera

Pentax K-S2

20.1 megapixel, SLR, 2.78x Zoom

Pentax is sometimes seen as a conservative brand, but the Pentax K-S2 changes all that with features never seen before in the company's DSLRs: A tilt/swivel screen, in-camera Wi-Fi and a retracting kit lens. And that's not all. The K-S2 retains great specs from earlier mid-range Pentax DSLRs like a glass pentaprism viewfinder, twin control dials and weather sealing. Rivals would have you pay enthusiast-grade pricing for all this, but is there a catch? Find out in our in-depth Pentax K-S2 review!

Released February 2015



image of the Pentax Q-S1 digital camera

Pentax Q-S1

12.4 megapixel, Compact System Camera, 3.00x Zoom

Released August 2014



image of the Pentax XG-1 digital camera

Pentax XG-1

16.0 megapixel, EVF, 52.00x Zoom

Released August 2014




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