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Minolta Introduces Dimage Scan Elite

LAS VEGAS -- Minolta's popular line of film scanners has been expanded by the recent introduction of the Minolta Dimage Scan Elite. Now being featured at the PMA International Convention and Trade Show, the Minolta Dimage Scan Elite is the first to offer the revolutionary Digital ICE technology which automatically removes unwanted surface defects such as dust, scratches and fingerprints from film. The Minolta Dimage Scan Elite, a dual-format film scanner, incorporates high resolution scans, easy-to-use operation and advanced image manipulation including Multi Sample Scanning and Color Matching, to deliver an unmatched combination of quality, versatility and convenience. The new Minolta Dimage Scan Elite joins the highly productive Dimage Scan Speed, the revolutionary Dimage Scan Multi and the affordable Dimage Scan Dual.


"Minolta is especially pleased to offer the new Dimage Scan Elite which incorporates the internationally acclaimed Digital ICE technology into a high-quality, high resolution Minolta film scanner to provide superior scanning accuracy and image quality," said Jon Sienkiewicz, vice president of marketing for Minolta Corporationıs Consumer Products Group. "The addition of the Minolta Dimage Scan Elite bolsters our line of film scanners and increases our ability to meet the varied demands of todayıs consumers. From the fast scanning of the Dimage Scan Speed to the versatile Dimage Scan Multi to the affordable Dimage Scan Dual, Minolta now offers high quality film scanners to meet every imaging need and budget," added Sienkiewicz.

Minolta Dimage Scan Elite

The Dimage Scan Elite incorporates Applied Science Fictionıs innovative Digital ICE technology for improved quality and increased productivity. In addition to processing image data through the conventional Red, Green and Blue (RGB) channels, the Dimage Scan Elite also recognizes most surface defects including scratches, fingerprints, dust or tape marks. Then the proprietary Digital ICE technology automatically removes the unwanted effects, which is normally a time-consuming, manual process. The end result is shorter retouching time and superior quality images.

Featuring a maximum input resolution capability of 2,820 dpi, the Minolta Dimage Scan Elite boasts an impressive resolution of more than 10 million pixels for full-frame 35mm image scan resolution to offer superior quality images. The new scanner also provides a remarkable 12-bit RGB/AD conversion and 3.6 dynamic range to ensure deep shadows and bright highlights. For faithful color rendition and image quality retention, the Dimage Scan Elite offers fine tonal gradation of up to 4,096 shades for each color channel and provides both 16 and 8-bit output for added image quality versatility.

Along with superior optics and resolution, the Dimage Scan Elite offers several advanced scanning features for increased imaging capabilities. To help users avoid the tedious task of random noise reduction, the Multi Sample Scanning function reduces noise to a minimum and offers up to 16 different samples of scanned images, ensuring quality images. The scannerıs Color Matching System helps users retain accurate color reproduction when working on multiple systems or in different work environments. Additionally, the Minolta Dimage Scan Elite offers sRGB, Apple RGB, SMPTEC-C, PAL/SECAM and other color space settings so image color appears the same no matter where the image is displayed. The scanner also makes it possible to match preview scan colors with final scan colors by using the monitorıs ICC profile.

Minolta Dimage Scan Speed

As its name indicates, Minolta's Dimage Scan Speed incorporates improved engineering to offer faster scan times than other scanners in its class. To increase productivity and convenience, the Dimage Scan Speed can scan a full-resolution 35mm-color positive in only 30 seconds. An impressive Dynamic Range of 3.6, 12-bit AD conversion and a resolution of 2,820 set the Dimage Scan Speed apart from other dual-format scanners, providing authentic, color realistic control of images with deep shadows, bright highlights and millions of colors.

For added versatility, the Dimage Scan Speed offers both 35mm and Advanced Photo System scanning capabilities. The Dimage Scan Speed handles 35mm sleeved or mounted, negative or positive, film in both color and black and white. An optional adapter provides a full range of scanning options for Advanced Photo System film including index and continuous scans. Switching between formats is easy with the Dimage Scan Speed. Users simply insert the film into the desired holder and select the appropriate format from the drop-down menu.

Once the images are scanned in the computer, the image-control software of the Dimage Scan Speed offers three different levels of control to fit the skills and specific needs of beginners and advanced users alike. For the ultimate custom scanning experience, the Scan Speedıs job function eliminates the confusing calculations and adjustments involved in scanning. The Minolta Dimage Scan Speed offers more than 150 choices that automatically determine scan settings. The Dimage Scan Speed also comes with Adobe PhotoShop LE software that allows users to customize images for original greeting cards and calendars or for transmission on the Internet.

For professionals looking for the ultimate scanning tool, Minolta offers the Dimage Scan Multi, the world's first multi-format film scanner priced under $2,500. The Dimage Scan Multi combines revolutionary technology, high-resolution quality, fast scan times and medium format and Advanced Photo System capabilities to offer a scanner that can quickly and easily scan all of the popular roll film formats.

The Dimage Scan Multi is the worldıs most versatile, high performance scanner with scanning capability of medium format, 35mm, Advanced Photo System, 16mm and electron microscope film. Even more, this revolutionary scanner can handle unattended batch scanning of up to 50 35mm slides with the optional slide feeder.

The Minolta Dimage Scan Multi offers the finest image quality of any scanner in its class. Boasting more than 10 million pixels for the 35mm format, one-pass scanning at 2,820 dpi and a wide dynamic range of 3.6, the Dimage Scan Multi maintains the highest image quality. The Dimage Scan Multi also offers unbelievable preview scan times of 6 seconds for 35mm and Advanced Photo System and 10 seconds for medium format. For full screen scanning, the Dimage Scan Multi delivers high-speed average scans of 50 seconds for 35mm, Advanced Photo System and medium format.

The Dimage Scan Multi is both Macintosh and Windows compatible. It comes with a medium format film holder including 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x9 cm medium format film masks, Advanced Photo System sleeve film mask, 16mm film mask, 35mm film and slide mount holder, Adaptec PCI bus SCSI board, SCSI cable and newly developed Minolta control software for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 and Macintosh. Optional accessories include an automatic slide feeder SC-100, Advanced Photo System adapter AD-100 slide and fluorescent lamp holder FL-100.

Minolta Dimage Scan Dual

Like the Dimage Scan Speed, the Minolta Dimage Scan Dual film scanner incorporates the high-resolution of a professional scanner with easy-to-use operations and versatile dual-format capabilities. Featuring more than eight million pixels for the 35mm film format, one-pass scanning at 2,438 dpi and a color depth of 30 bits, the Dimage Scan Dual offers one of the highest resolutions in its class. The Dimage Scan Dual also boasts fast scan times, offering a preview scan of approximately 15 seconds and approximately 60 seconds for full screen scanning.

The most impressive feature of the Dimage Scan Dual is its versatility. In addition to scanning 35mm slides and color negatives, when used with the optional Advanced Photo System adapter AD-100, the Minolta Dimage Scan Dual is compatible with the revolutionary new Advanced

Photo System format. In scanning Advanced Photo System film, the entire roll is scanned to automatically reveal miniature views of each frame on the computer screen. Users can then select the desired frame to scan from the image index by using Minolta's Index Scan function.

Bundled with the scanner is driver software for both PC-based Windows and Macintosh operating systems providing two levels of control: one for beginners, and another for advanced users. This driver software is now upgraded to version 2.0, improving the image quality as well as the compatibility of Twain plug-in module. Once the images are in the computer, the supplied Adobe PhotoShop LE software allows users to manipulate the images. For even greater versatility, each new Dimage Scan Dual is shipped with an Adaptec PCI Bus SCSI board (Model AVA-2902E) allowing PC users to easily connect the scanner to their computer.

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