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FlashPoint's Digita Runs New HP PhotoSmart Cameras

LAS VEGAS -- FlashPoint Technology, today announced that its Digita(tm) standard operating environment is incorporated into Hewlett-Packard Company's latest two-megapixel digital cameras, the HP PhotoSmart C912 and C618 digital cameras. Digita delivers unprecedented PC-like functionality inside the cameras and offers HP customers the ability to install new software applications to continually renew and customize their capabilities.

The HP PhotoSmart C912 and C618 digital cameras join an award-winning platform of Digita-enabled intelligent imaging products, including the HP PhotoSmart C500 digital camera; Kodak DC220, DC260, DC265, DC290; Minolta's Dimage EX1500; and Epson's PrintOn photo printer.

Stephen D. Saylor, executive vice president and general manager of FlashPoint said, "We are ecstatic about our relationship with HP. This further substantia tes the need for a common digital imaging platform for programmable cameras which allow the third-party developer community to create end-user solutions."

Designed with photo enthusiasts in mind, the HP PhotoSmart C912 digital camera delivers the control, performance and flexibility of a single lens reflex. The HP PhotoSmart C618 digital camera targets more experienced photographers and PC technologists to give them automatic functionality and manual control in a portable, point-and-shoot digital camera. Digita further enhances the photography experience by providing a friendly and intuitive software interface. Because Digita is based on software, HP users can constantly download or purchase third-party applications to transform the camera into a powerful business tool specific for vertical industries, build Web pages in the camera, edit images, or even play arcade games.

Cheryl Katen, general manager of HP's Home Imaging Division said, "The HP PhotoSmart C912 and C618 digital cameras will provide customers with the kind of exceptional quality and innovation they expect from HP. FlashPoint

provides the ability for our customers to tap into a whole new world of imaging applications by downloading the software solutions they need directly into the camera."

Real-World Solutions

The Digita(tm) architectural operating environment can be customized for a variety of vertical markets, special interests and tasks. To date, there are currently more than 3,000 registered software developers creating new software solutions based on the Digita platform.

Using the Digita Script(tm) programming language or the Digita Software Developers Kit, developers and enthusiasts can create customized applets to meet their evolving digital imaging needs and address diverse market requirements. For example, photographers can not only directly access advanced camera functions like f-stop and shutter speed but automatically apply filters and take multiple images to average lighting giving them more control over their images.

Mobile professionals can now integrate visual information with their daily workflow. For instance, an insurance appraiser can take a picture of an automobile accident and add text and voice before sending it to colleagues. Photo enthusiasts can easily sort and categorize their images, and create on-screen slide shows that enrich their overall photography experience, all right within the camera and without the need for a PC.

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