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Apr. 19, 2024

Epson Stylus Photo 2000

Finally! A true, *archival* photo inkjet printer, with 200+ year fade resistance!

Page 5: User Interface

Review First Posted: 1/25/2002

MSRP $899 US

User Interface

Power Button: Positioned as the first button on the right in a series on the front of the printer, this button turns the printer on and off. If pressed twice quickly while the printer is powered on, this button clears the buffer memory.

Load/Eject Button: To the left of the Power button, this button loads or ejects paper if pressed and quickly released within two seconds. If pressed and released quickly after an output error has been corrected, this button resumes printing.

Cleaning Button: Cleans print heads when held down for more than three seconds, when either of the ink cartridge lights are out.

Ink Cartridge Replacement Button: A large yellow button located just above the main control panel, this button moves the print head to the ink cartridge replacement position when pressed. Pressing the button a second time, after the cartridge has been replaced, charges the ink and returns the cartridge to the printing position.

Adjust Lever: Situated on the right side of the printer (when looking from the front, under the dust cover), this lever adjusts the printer for different paper thicknesses. Setting the lever to the "+" position prevents ink from smearing on thick paper or envelopes.

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