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Sony A7 II Review
image of the Sony Alpha ILCE-A7 II digital camera
24.3mp | 2.5x | $2,000
Sony has yet another winner on their hands with the A7 II. By addressing some of the design and ergonomic quirks of the original model, as well as providing a notable technological achievement with their 5-axis image stabilization -- and some subtle, yet worthwhile, performance enhancements -- the Sony A7 II is a more matured, more well-rounded camera and therefore an even more enticing option for those wanting full-frame image quality but not a full-frame DSLR-sized camera. Read more in our in-depth Sony A7 II review!

Nikon D810 Review
image of the Nikon D810 digital camera
36.3mp | $2,947
The 36-megapixel Nikon D810 has some pretty big shoes to fill, replacing the much-loved D800 and D800E with a single model. Taking the best of both, this detail-devouring beauty has even greater per-pixel resolution, a wider sensitivity range, greater performance, more capable video capture, and more -- but it also now has competition from rivals Canon and Sony. How does it fare in this new reality? Read our in-depth Nikon D810 review, and find out!

Panasonic GM5 Review
image of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5 digital camera
16.0mp | 2.7x | $899
The Panasonic GM5 takes what was great about the GM1 and improves upon it immensely. While still keeping a lightweight and compact design -- that's practically pocketable even with the 12-32mm kit lens -- the Panasonic GM5 manages to includes a fully-functional, albeit small, electronic viewfinder. Creative lighting options are expanded by the addition of a hot-shoe and external flash support, plus, ergonomics and customization are subtly yet noticeably improved. The image quality remains unchanged and impressive, and performance is still excellent with slight improvements in some areas. Read our in-depth Panasonic GM5 review for all the details!

Nikon D750 Review
image of the Nikon D750 digital camera
24.3mp | 5.0x | $2,557
Placed between the D610 and D810, the Nikon D750 borrows from both models for a fantastic all-around multimedia DSLR. With a 24.3MP full-frame sensor and fast EXPEED 4 processor, the Nikon D750 captures outstanding, highly detailed images with excellent dynamic range and high ISO performance. The Nikon D750 also has class-leading burst shooting capabilities and excellent low-light AF. With an articulated LCD screen and other high-end movie features, the D750 is also a great option for multimedia producers and videographers. Read our in-depth Nikon D750 review for all the details on this all-around multimedia DSLR!

Canon 7D Mark II Review
image of the Canon EOS 7D Mark II digital camera
20.2mp | 7.5x | $2,035
Five years after the original 7D debuted, the Mark II version is here, and with it, a host of upgrades and new features. Catering primarily to sports, action and wildlife photographers, the Canon 7D Mark II borrows many features and performance specs from their 1D-series models, but at a more affordable price. The 7D Mark II looks to continue this heritage with an even more flexible and powerful 65-pt. AF system, Dual DIGIC 6 processors, Dual Pixel CMOS AF, improved build quality and more advanced video features. The Canon 7D Mark II is a big upgrade over the 7D in many ways, though the Mark II does falter in a few areas. Read our in-depth Canon 7D Mark II review for more!

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Fujifilm X-A2 First Shots posted: Another triumph for a budget-friendly high ISO camera?
Featured Story 05/04, 18:40 EDT Those looking to jump into Fuji's venerable X-mount family of cameras without breaking the bank have a new entry-level option: The Fujifilm X-A2. As one of the few X-series cameras that doesn't sport Fuji's unique X-Trans sensor technology, the X-A2 -- like the X-A1 before it -- uses a traditional RGBG Bayer-filtered APS-C sensor. We were... (more)

Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) gets higher-res CMOS sensor, new features aplenty
Featured Story 05/04, 13:23 EDT In mid-2012, Leica announced the M Monochrom, a full-frame rangefinder camera that, true to its name, was based around a monochromatic image sensor. Now, it follows up with the Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246), which sports a brand-new body and reworked internals. Inside, the Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) features a brand-new 24 megapixel... (more)

Canon T6 sensor flecks - apparently minimal impact on images (UPDATE - if not there, they never will be)
Featured Story 05/01, 09:01 EDT (UPDATE 5/3/15: Scroll to the bottom of the article for information on why current owners whose cameras aren't showing the issue don't need to worry about it appearing in the future.) As many of our readers already know, we just received our test samples of the Canon T6s and Canon T6i, which we quickly ran through the lab and posted First... (more)

The highest-res Rebels hit the lab. We post First Shots from the 24-megapixel Canon T6s and T6i
Featured Story 04/29, 17:41 EDT Canon's latest two Rebel cameras -- the Canon T6s and Canon T6i -- have made their way to our test lab. These new Rebel DSLRs, especially the higher-end T6s, start to blur the line between a decidedly consumer-focused camera and an enthusiast-level one. The Canon T6s, for example, features a top-deck LCD screen like the camera maker's... (more)

WSJ report shows Sony rules 40% of the image sensor market share thanks to Apple/Samsung partnerships
Featured Story 04/29, 17:20 EDT The Wall Street Journal recently published an article titled ‘How Sony Makes Money Off Apple’s iPhone’ (paywalled). In it, authors Takashi Mochizuki and Eric Pfanner break down the image sensor market, showing how Sony is well above the rest in every regard. Sourcing information from Techno Systems Research, WSJ shares Sony’s impressive... (more)

First full-frame camera under $1000! See our latest Camera Deals of the Day
Featured Story 04/28, 18:47 EDT Ok, if you were waiting for that price to drop below $1000 to snag a full-frame camera, the time has arrived -- The full-frame Sony A7 can now be yours -- brand-new -- for just $998! We just got word on this deal, as well as some other limited-time super-savings on other camera gear from Olympus, Canon, Nikon, as well as more Sony camera... (more)

Samsung using both Sony and Samsung sensors in praised camera of Galaxy S6/S6 Edge
05/05, 13:20 EDT Last week, we shared a report showing Sony manufacturers 40% of imaging sensors in 2014. In it, we pointed out the fact that both Samsung and Apple rely heavily on Sony’s sensors for their flagship devices, the iPhone 6/6 Plus and the S6/S6 Edge. It appears though that Samsung isn’t relying solely on Sony for camera sensors in its latest... (more)

Redacted makes censoring photos easier than ever
05/05, 10:08 EDT Most of the time, it’s our goal to share with the world our images. However, there are times when certain aspect of said images are private information that we’d rather keep to ourselves. Here to make the process of censoring easier than ever is Redacted, a new app from Sam Soffes that makes blurring, pixelating and blacking out... (more)

Developing your film in one step
05/04, 14:10 EDT Photography startup New55 has released R3 Monobath, a new photochemical that makes developing film a one step process. To explain the technology behind the developer and what the results looks like, Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography has created an incredibly comprehensive video. In the eighteen minute video, Forbes breaks down the... (more)

BTS look at Annie Leibovitz capturing promo photos of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ for Vanity Fair
05/04, 12:51 EDT In honor of May the Fourth, we have for you a behind the scenes video from Vanity Fair that takes a look at Annie Leibovitz as she captured promotional images on the set of the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. Less than a minute in length, the video shares a montage of clips showing Leibovitz at work with the cast and crew,... (more)

Fabrik – a simple way to create a well-designed, responsive portfolio:
05/04, 10:44 EDT Meet Fabrik, an online portfolio creator that can get your work up and online on a customized website in a matter of minutes. There is no shortage of portfolio hosting options for photographers to choose from. If you prefer something robust, it’s best to host/create a site on a platform such as Wordpress. However, if you’re looking for... (more)

Learning to shoot from the hip
05/03, 13:53 EDT This is an exercise I wish we would have done when I was in photo school. I did it myself this week and I learned something about my camera that I know is going to stick. It’s simple, easy and fun, and I really think—regardless of what level of photography you’re at—you should give it a try. I went for a walk around my neighborhood with... (more)

8 Great Travel Tripods: What’s the best tripod? The one you take with you!
05/01, 17:07 EDT It’s a lot easier to shoot sharp handheld pictures nowadays with the latest crop of digital cameras delivering commendable imaging performance at high ISOs ranging from 1600–6400 and beyond, and many systems providing effective in-camera or in-lens image stabilization. However the tripod is still the greatest photographic accessory ever... (more)

Canon patent details yet another 35mm f/1.4 lens formula
05/01, 10:28 EDT A recently published patent from Canon reveals it may finally be releasing an updated version of its 35mm f/1.4 lens design. Filed back in October of 2013, the patent lays out the optical formula for a 35mm lens with an f/1.4 aperture. Inside the lens are 12 elements in 11 groups, including two aspherical... (more)

Minter provides professional Instagram analytics
04/30, 16:21 EDT For many, Instagram is nothing more than a place to share their favorite images and moments with the world. But there are those who use it for far more, such as marketing their work and building a mini-portfolio of sorts. For those who use it in a more professional means, it’s difficult to account for statistics aside from follower count,... (more)

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