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Master your Craft: Studio lighting fundamentals Featured Story
07/01, 14:00 EDT Studio lighting is a big topic, but it doesn't need to feel overwhelming. Understanding basic lighting and posing can dramatically improve your studio portraits. Better yet, some of the lessons will translate to other portrait... (more)

Nikon announces new surprisingly compact Z 400mm F4.5 VR S supertelephoto prime lens Featured Story
06/29, 00:01 EDT In addition to the compact and affordable Z30 hybrid mirrorless camera, Nikon has also debuted a new supertelephoto lens for full-frame Z-mount cameras, the Z 400mm F4.5 VR S. This new supertele lens joins the Z 400mm F2.8 TC lens from... (more)

How to photograph fireworks: It’s a lot easier than you might think! Featured Story
07/02, 17:21 EDT For any of you in the rest of the world who may not know, we Americans use the fourth of July to celebrate our independence from the British Empire a few hundred years ago. Fortunately, we're now the best of... (more)

Master your Craft: Studio lighting fundamentals Featured Story
07/01, 14:00 EDT Studio lighting is a big topic, but it doesn't need to feel overwhelming. Understanding basic lighting and posing can dramatically improve your studio portraits. Better yet, some of the lessons will translate to other portrait photography... (more)

Street Scene 2022 Photo Contest: Send us your best candid street photos for a chance to win great prizes!
06/30, 11:30 EDT Street photographers, ready your camera gear or start sorting through your photo library, our Street Scene Photo Contest is back! Imaging Resource is once again teaming up with our sister publication, Digital Photo, to co-host our annual photo... (more)

Video: 5 easy ways to improve your landscape photos in Adobe Lightroom
06/29, 15:00 EDT Landscape photographer Thomas Heaton isn't a fan of change. For this reason, and a few others, Heaton hadn't updated Adobe Lightroom in a long time. He had a workflow that worked for him. However, Heaton finally updated Lightroom, and, as it turns... (more)

Profoto announces A2 monolight: Compact light is about the size of a soda can
06/29, 10:30 EDT Profoto has announced a brand-new light, the Profoto A2 Monolight. The light is designed to be easy to use and extremely compact. The A2 is about the size of a soda can and weighs 495 grams (17.5 ounces). If you're after portability, Profoto has... (more)

Nikon announces new surprisingly compact Z 400mm F4.5 VR S supertelephoto prime lens Featured Story
06/29, 00:01 EDT In addition to the compact and affordable Z30 hybrid mirrorless camera, Nikon has also debuted a new supertelephoto lens for full-frame Z-mount cameras, the Z 400mm F4.5 VR S. This new supertele lens joins the Z 400mm F2.8 TC lens from earlier this... (more)

Nikon announces lightweight & affordable Z30 mirrorless camera aimed at video creators
06/29, 00:01 EDT Click here to read our Nikon Z30 Preview The Nikon Z30 is Nikon's third APS-C Z series camera and the company's most compact, lightweight and affordable Z camera. The Z30 is aimed at entry-level users, perhaps people who have never owned an... (more)

Video: Photographer Steve Perry’s ultimate guide to slow shutter speed wildlife panning
06/28, 12:30 EDT Panning is a tricky technique, but it can produce amazing, unique photos. When panning, you use a slow shutter speed and move your lens to track a moving subject while the shutter is open. If done correctly and with the appropriate panning... (more)

See the world in 360 degrees: Insta360 announces ONE RS 1-inch 360 Edition camera in partnership with Leica
06/28, 10:30 EDT Insta360 has announced the ONE RS 1-inch 360 Edition. The new camera "raises the bar" for 360-degree image and video capture and includes a pair of 1"-type CMOS sensors. The camera is co-engineered with Leica – Insta360 and Leica have collaborated... (more)

Capture One for iPad now available: Full raw processing on-the-go
06/28, 06:59 EDT As promised, Capture One has released Capture One for iPad today. The app is now available on the App Store on iPad as part of a monthly subscription plan for $4.99 per month. The app works as a standalone iPad app but also alongside Capture One Pro... (more)

Are you the best judge of your photography?
06/26, 07:00 EDT It is challenging to assess our photography accurately. For some, the feelings associated with a particular image can make us see it as much better than we otherwise would. For others, we are so critical of ourselves that it's almost impossible to... (more)

Video: Thomas Heaton had his Fuji X-T3 converted to infrared & his first IR photos are awesome
06/25, 06:30 EDT Photographer Thomas Heaton recently sent his Fujifilm X-T3 camera to Protech Photographic to have it converted to infrared for black and white landscape photography. Heaton settled on a 720nm filter, which is considered a "classic" or "standard"... (more)

Blackmagic Design announces Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2
06/24, 13:00 EDT Blackmagic Design has announced the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2, a next-generation model of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K. The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2 includes a new adjustable touchscreen, a larger battery for a... (more)

Video: 5 simple ways to improve your outdoor portraits
06/24, 11:59 EDT Is there a better way to enjoy lovely summer weather than to get outside and capture some outdoor portraits? Over at SLR Lounge, photographer Pye Jirsa recently showed off five simple portrait ideas that you can try out in a local park or any nice... (more)

Rare opportunity to see 5 planets in the sky at once with the naked eye
06/24, 10:00 EDT For the next several weeks, stargazers can view five planets in the sky at once. In the predawn sky, about 60 to 90 minutes before sunrise, viewers can see Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in the sky, with the moon joining the party as... (more)

Samsung announces 200MP smartphone image sensor with extremely small pixels
06/23, 15:30 EDT Samsung has announced a new smartphone image sensor, the ISOCELL HP3. The 200-megapixel image sensor features the industry's smallest pixels at just 0.56 micrometers. Compared to its 200MP ISOCELL HP1 image sensor, Samsung's latest sensor has 12... (more)

Tamron 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 VC VXD Hands-on Review: Tamron’s all-in-one APS-C zoom is very impressive
06/22, 12:30 EDT Click here to read our Tamron 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 VC VXD Hands-on Review Last year, Tamron released the 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 VC VXD lens for Sony E-mount and Fujifilm X Series cameras. The APS-C zoom lens delivers a versatile 16.6x optical zoom,... (more)

Fujifilm announces Instax Mini Link 2 wireless smartphone printer
06/16, 14:45 EDT Fujifilm has announced a new Instax printer, the Instax Mini Link 2. The wireless smartphone printer includes new customizable frames, image modes and the ability to "draw" special effects onto your print via a new INSTAXAiR feature. Mini Link 2... (more)

Tamron 17-70mm F2.8 Di III-A VC RXD announced for Fujifilm X-mount
06/16, 11:00 EDT Tamron announced another lens for Fujifilm X-mount APS-C cameras, the Tamron 17-70mm F2.8 Di III-A VC RXD (Model B070). The 17-70mm joins the existing 18-300mm 16.6x all-in-one zoom lens. The 17-70mm F2.8 Di III-A VC RXD (Model B070) first... (more)

Best Hybrid Cameras for Photo and Video in 2022
06/15, 11:20 EDT Cameras of all shapes and sizes these days capture both photos and videos. Most of them anyway. You'll still find a few new models here and there that capture exclusively still images, but the vast majority of digital stills cameras also capture... (more)

DxO announces Nik Collection 5 with updated Color Efex and Analog Efex plug-ins
06/15, 09:00 EDT DxO has announced the latest major release of its Nik Collection plug-in suite, Nik Collection 5. The new release includes major upgrades to Nik Color Efex and Analog Efex, including improved local adjustment technology and a better overall user... (more)

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Olympus E-M5 III Review
image of the Olympus OM-D E-M5 III digital camera
20.4mp | Non-Zoom | $899
Though it was quite a wait between the previous E-M5 II and this new model, the refreshed Olympus E-M5 Mark III brings a lot to the table for Olympus owners and Micro Four Thirds shooters in general, as well as any photographer looking for a rugged, high-quality yet highly-portable mirrorless camera. In a lot of ways, the E-M5 III is essentially an E-M1 II crammed into an even smaller, lighter package, which is quite impressive. With an updated sensor, faster processor, phase-detect AF, better image stabilization and more, the compact E-M5 Mark III offers quite a bit of performance and quality in a form factor that won't weigh you down, nor hit too hard on the wallet. Read more in our in-depth Olympus E-M5 III review!

Canon EOS RP Review
image of the Canon EOS RP digital camera
26.2mp | 4.4x | $999
Big sensor, small price point. The compact EOS RP is Canon's second full-frame mirrorless camera, and while it lacks some bells and whistles, the RP lowers the barrier of entry into the full-frame world in a big way. The Canon RP is one of, if not the most, affordable full-frame cameras on the market today, selling right at $999. With a 26MP sensor, Dual Pixel CMOS AF, 4K video recording and a highly portable design, the little EOS RP is an amazing bang-for-your-buck camera. If you're thinking of making the leap into full-frame without busting your budget, be sure to check out our in-depth Canon EOS RP review for all the details!

Panasonic S1R Review
image of the Panasonic Lumix DC-S1R digital camera
47.3mp | 4.4x | $3,698
Panasonic jumps into the fray with their first full-frame mirrorless camera, and the results are very impressive. The new Panasonic S1R is a powerful, DSLR-styled mirrorless camera with a fantastic, high-res 47MP full-frame sensor, built-in IBIS, 4Kp60 video and weather-sealing. The S1R proves to be an excellent pro-level camera for landscape, architectural, portrait and (in some cases) wildlife photographers who want high-quality, high-resolution image-making performance. The DFD-based AF system and a slower continuous burst speeds make it less ideal for fast action, yet it's still a fairly responsive camera given its resolution. For all the new details on Panasonic's high-resolution full-frame mirrorless camera, head over to our Panasonic S1R review!

Canon 90D Review
image of the Canon EOS 90D digital camera
32.5mp | 7.5x | $1,199
At first glance, the Canon 90D just looks like a classic Canon DSLR. It offers comfortable ergonomics, great durability, lots of physical controls, and familiarity and user-customization, plus compatibility with a veritable boatload of Canon EF lenses. Under the hood, however, there are lots of improvements over the previous model, particularly with image resolution, AF, burst shooting and video recording. Sure the Canon 90D has some drawbacks, but it's still capable of taking great photos, shooting pleasing high-res video, and has excellent AF and performance. For all the details, see our in-depth Canon 90D review!

Sony A7R IV Review
image of the Sony Alpha ILCE-A7R IV digital camera
61.0mp | Non-Zoom | $3,164
The Sony A7R IV is a thoroughly impressive camera. Its high-res 61MP sensor captures images with incredible detail. With swift burst shooting, top-notch high ISO performance, fast AF, Real-Time Eye AF tracking, 4Kp30 video and in-body image stabilization, the Sony A7R IV is way more versatile that one might think. The image files, however, are cumbersome, and the resolution is likely more than what most people need. And at around $3500 body-only, the A7R IV certainly isn't cheap. However, given all that it offers, it's hard not to recommend the A7R IV if you have the cash and need the resolving power. Read more in our in-depth Sony A7R IV review!

Panasonic G95 Review
image of the Panasonic Lumix DC-G95 digital camera
20.3mp | 5.0x | $698
Borrowing the higher-res 20MP sensor from the G9, more advanced video features from the GH5 and featuring an updated body design, the refreshed Panasonic G95 answers the call for a versatile and capable hybrid mirrorless camera designed for stills and video shooters alike. The G95 offers excellent image quality, fast performance, excellent video, and robust weather sealing, all at a reasonable price point. The G95 hits a nice sweet spot for enthusiasts and intermediate-level creators looking for a well-rounded, multimedia-focused camera that doesn't break the bank. Read more in our in-depth Panasonic G95 review!

Panasonic LX100 II Review
image of the Panasonic Lumix DC-LX100 II digital camera
17.0mp | 3.1x | $798
It might look a lot like its predecessor, but the Panasonic LX100 II offers a significant upgrade in image quality and generous performance in a take-anywhere body that'll slip easily into your coat pocket. It's perhaps not the best choice for video shooters, but still imaging fans will find lots to love, whether they prefer shooting raw or JPEG. And despite a compact body, there are generous controls and plenty of customization options to tune it to your tastes. Read on and find out if it's for you in our in-depth Panasonic LX100 II review.

Fujifilm GFX 100 Review
image of the Fujifilm GFX 100 digital camera
102.0mp | Non-Zoom | $9,999
With twice the resolution of earlier GFX models, the Fujifilm GFX 100, unsurprisingly, offers outstanding image quality. What's more, is that besides the 102MP sensor, the GFX 100 provides a shockingly impressive set of features, performance, video specs and build quality to make it unlike any other medium-format camera on the market. With features like in-body image stabilization, phase-detect AF, Cinema 4K video up to 30p, and weather-sealed construction, the Fuji GFX 100 is arguably the most versatile medium-format camera on the market. Its usability is hampered somewhat by performance limitations and a still-limited native GF lens lineup, but in the end, the Fujifilm GFX 100 is still a very unique camera, offering an enticing combination of resolution and performance that simply isn't found elsewhere on the market. Read more in our Fuji GFX 100 review!

Fujifilm X-T30 Review
image of the Fujifilm X-T30 digital camera
26.1mp | 3.0x | $799
The Fuji X-T30 is an impressive camera, not only for its image quality and performance but also for its price point. By and large, the X-T30 is a smaller, more affordable alternative to the rugged X-T3. Packing in the same 26MP X-Trans sensor, image processor and autofocus system as the X-T3, as well as similar high-res video shooting capabilities, the X-T30 is surprisingly robust in capabilities and features. Image quality is excellent, and autofocus performance is fast, accurate and responsive. And yet Fuji's priced the camera at just $800 body-only. If you're looking for a compact, easy-to-carry mirrorless cameras and don't need or want the extra bulk or weather-sealing of the X-T3, the X-T30 is a fantastic choice that'll also save you a nice chunk of change. Read more in our in-depth Fuji X-T30 Review!

Nikon Z6 Review
image of the Nikon Z6 digital camera
24.5mp | 2.9x | $1,597
The Nikon Z6 is a terrific, well-rounded full-frame mirrorless camera. Basically, there isn't a lot to complain about when it comes to the Z6. The body is compact and robust yet features lots of physical controls and a familiar Nikon design. With excellent overall features, impressive image quality, nice build quality and design as well as a very competitive price point, the Nikon Z6 is a great all-around package. And while at this point in time, the Z6 appeals perhaps a bit more towards current Nikon owners, the Z6 is still a compelling camera for anyone looking to jump into the full-frame camera arena. Read more in our in-depth Nikon Z6 review!

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