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(From Sony lens literature) Sony Electronics, a worldwide leader in digital imaging and the world's largest image sensor manufacturer, has introduced the latest addition to their expanding full-frame E-mount lens lineup, the FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS Standard Zoom (model SEL24105G).

The new full-frame lens covers the commonly used 24 to 105mm focal length range, delivering outstanding G Lens™ imaging performance with the most lightweight design in its class1, maximizing its versatility and usability. Therefore, the FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS can be used for versatile shooting such as landscape, portrait, wedding and so on. This lens also features fast, precise and quiet autofocus capabilities in both still and video shooting, making it an ideal complement for Sony's extensive lineup of E-mount cameras.

High Optical Performance and Outstanding Resolution

Sony's new FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS lens delivers excellent corner-to-corner sharpness throughout the entirety of its zoom range, while also producing beautifully rendered 'bokeh' or background defocus at all focal lengths.

This high image quality is made possible thanks to its advanced optical design featuring four aspherical lens elements, two of which are high precision AA (advanced aspherical) lenses. There are also three strategically located ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements that work in combination with the aforementioned aspherical lens elements to minimize chromatic aberration and ensure the ultimate resolution is captured.

The lens also has Sony's original Nano AR coating to minimize flare and ghosting, and utilizes a circular aperture to ensure it delivers high quality bokeh that is consistent for all Sony's G series.

Compact, Lightweight Design and Shooting Flexibility

The new FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS lens weighs in at approximately 663 grams (23.4 oz), making it the lightest lens in its class1. When combined with one of Sony's compact E-mount bodies, it gives photographers and videographers a far more mobile, manageable camera system that greatly increases their shooting flexibility.

In addition to the compact design and versatile 24-105mm focal length, the new lens has a minimum focus distance of 1.25ft, allowing for impressive close up detail. It also includes built-in optical image stabilization to make it easier to produce sharp, blur-free images when shooting handheld.

Highly Advanced and Accurate AutoFocus

In order to keep up with fast-moving subjects, the new standard zoom lens features a DDSSM (Direct Drive SSM) system that is capable of rapid positioning of the lens' focus groups with high accuracy and very minimal noise. This advanced system combined with a constant F4 aperture at all focal lengths makes the SEL24105G an excellent choice for both still and video shooting.

Further adding to its versatility, the new standard zoom lens also features a customizable focus hold button, a dust and moisture resistant design2 and a fluorine coating on the front element to help minimize dust, water, oil and other contaminants.

Pricing and Availability

The new FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS Standard Zoom Lens will ship this November for about $1,300 US and $1,700 CA.

1. Compared to currently available full-frame 24-105mm F4 standard zoom lenses (October 25th, 2017, Sony research)
2. Not guaranteed to be 100% dust and moisture proof

Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS SEL24105G

Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS SEL24105G User Reviews

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  • 10 out of 10 points and recommended by LarsPlusX (2 reviews)
    Optical Image Stabilization, Good Zoom Range, Minimal Distortion, Excellent Resolution, Constant Aperture, Weather Sealing, Auto/Manual Focus Switch, Stabilization Switch, Programmable Control Button
    Large Overall Size, Large Filter

    I ran some rough tests on the Sony FE 24-105 f/4 G at 24mm, 50mm and 105mm using a basic lens chart with an A7RII shooting RAW. Wow, what a lens! It out-performs pretty much every 35mm film zoom I've ever owned, and many of the primes, especially wide angles.

    This lens does exhibit some light and resolution falloff in the corners wide open, but was cleared up by f/5.6-f/8. Except strangely at 24mm, light falloff diminished at f/5.6, returned in the far corners at f/8, then disappeared again at f/11. Through the range of focal-lengths, I found the sweet spot to be f/5.6 to f/11. At f/16, diffraction is held back amazingly well, and though f/22 shows some diffraction degradation on the chart images, in real world shots it can be tolerable due to the outstanding sharpness and contrast characteristics of this lens.

    I don't know how much correction was done in the camera, but CA is nil. And I didn't see any noticeable barrel or pincushion distortion.

    Reviews I'd read suggested the lens was good, so once I got it, it was immediately pressed into service shooting products before I'd tested it. And I was astounded. Images held together as I progressively stopped down to catch details through depth-of-field. Shooting at around 75mm, working as high as f/18, even into f/20, real-world details were captured without apparent diffraction and post-production sharpening wasn't necessary. And the lens focuses very close, making a lens change unnecessary for smaller items.

    Though I'm mostly a tripod guy, it performed very well while playing around with it hand-held. It didn't have a problem focusing in home-level lighting. The stabilization worked well, though I'll admit I have the ISO turned way up when snap-shooting. But I do like its switches for stabilization and focus so I don't have to hunt around or remember where I programmed which control, when I put it back on the tripod.

    Can't really say anything bad about this lens. I'm used to manual focus lenses, or little micro four-thirds cameras, so it seems big to me, but this lens is full-format, and with all those gears and motors inside for stability and focusing, that's understandable. And it takes a large, telephoto-sized filter, but 77mm is not crazy-big and at least the lens doesn't require some oddball internal filter. So even those factors are okay.

    All in all, I'm extremely happy with the Sony FE 24-105 F/4 and from what I've experienced with it so far, it could just be one of those lenses that becomes legendary.

    reviewed January 5th, 2020 (purchased for $1,198)