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  F I L E
FileName Y_DSC1113.JPG
FileSize 7.8 MB
FileModifyDate 2016:12:30 16:01:14-05:00
FileAccessDate 2017:01:24 12:20:03-05:00
FileInodeChangeDate 2017:01:22 00:00:14-05:00
FileType JPEG
FileTypeExtension jpg
MIMEType image/jpeg
ExifByteOrder Little-endian (Intel, II)
ImageWidth 7952
ImageHeight 5304
EncodingProcess Baseline DCT, Huffman coding
BitsPerSample 8
ColorComponents 3
YCbCrSubSampling YCbCr4:2:2 (2 1)
  E X I F
Model ILCA-99M2
Orientation Horizontal (normal)
XResolution 350
YResolution 350
ResolutionUnit inches
Software ILCA-99M2 v1.00
ModifyDate 2016:12:30 16:01:14
WhitePoint 0.313 0.329
PrimaryChromaticities 0.64 0.33 0.21 0.71 0.15 0.06
YCbCrCoefficients 0.299 0.587 0.114
YCbCrPositioning Co-sited
ExposureTime 2
FNumber 8.0
ExposureProgram Aperture-priority AE
ISO 50
SensitivityType Recommended Exposure Index
RecommendedExposureIndex 50
ExifVersion 0231
DateTimeOriginal 2016:12:30 16:01:14
CreateDate 2016:12:30 16:01:14
ComponentsConfiguration Y, Cb, Cr, -
CompressedBitsPerPixel 1
BrightnessValue 1.84921875
ExposureCompensation 0
MaxApertureValue 2.8
MeteringMode Multi-segment
LightSource Unknown
Flash Off, Did not fire
FocalLength 30.0 mm
FlashpixVersion 0100
ColorSpace Uncalibrated
ExifImageWidth 7952
ExifImageHeight 5304
InteropIndex R03 - DCF option file (Adobe RGB)
InteropVersion 0100
FileSource Digital Camera
SceneType Directly photographed
CustomRendered Normal
ExposureMode Auto
WhiteBalance Auto
DigitalZoomRatio 1
FocalLengthIn35mmFormat 30 mm
SceneCaptureType Standard
Contrast Normal
Saturation Normal
Sharpness Normal
LensInfo 16-35mm f/2.8
LensModel 16-35mm F2.8 ZA SSM II
Gamma 2.2
Compression JPEG (old-style)
Model ILCA-99M2
Orientation Horizontal (normal)
XResolution 72
YResolution 72
ResolutionUnit inches
Software ILCA-99M2 v1.00
ModifyDate 2016:12:30 16:01:14
ThumbnailOffset 39092
ThumbnailLength 7340
YCbCrPositioning Co-sited
  M A K E R N O T E S
Rating 0
Contrast 0
Saturation 0
Sharpness 0
Brightness 0
LongExposureNoiseReduction On (dark subtracted)
HighISONoiseReduction Normal
HDR Off; Uncorrected image
WBShiftAB_GM 0 0
WBShiftAB_GM_Precise 0.00 0.00
FaceInfoOffset 94
SonyDateTime 2016:12:30 16:01:14
SonyImageHeight 5304
SonyImageWidth 7952
FacesDetected 0
FaceInfoLength 37
MetaVersion DC7303320222000
CreativeStyle Standard
ColorTemperature Auto
ColorCompensationFilter 0
SceneMode Standard
ZoneMatching ISO Setting Used
DynamicRangeOptimizer Auto
ImageStabilization On
ColorMode Standard
FullImageSize 7952x5304
PreviewImageSize 1616x1080
FileFormat ARW 2.3.2
Quality RAW + JPEG
FlashExposureComp 0
WhiteBalanceFineTune 0
WhiteBalance Auto
SonyModelID Unknown (354)
MultiFrameNoiseReduction Off
PictureEffect Off
SoftSkinEffect Off
VignettingCorrection Auto
LateralChromaticAberration Auto
DistortionCorrectionSetting Off
LensType Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* 16-35mm F2.8 ZA SSM (SAL1635Z) or ZA SSM II
LensSpec 16-35mm F2.8 ZA SSM II
AutoPortraitFramed No
FlashAction Did not fire
FocusMode AF-S
AFAreaModeSetting Expanded Flexible Spot
AFPointSelected E1
AFPointsUsed (none)
FocalPlaneAFPointsUsed 9
FocalPlaneAFPointArea 640 428
FocalPlaneAFPointLocation1 167 342
FocalPlaneAFPointLocation2 193 342
FocalPlaneAFPointLocation3 422 358
FocalPlaneAFPointLocation4 422 358
FocalPlaneAFPointLocation5 448 358
FocalPlaneAFPointLocation6 290 358
FocalPlaneAFPointLocation7 246 199
FocalPlaneAFPointLocation8 219 135
FocalPlaneAFPointLocation9 246 135
FocusLocation 7952 5304 1751 4232
VariableLowPassFilter n/a
RAWFileType Uncompressed RAW
ExposureMode Aperture-priority AE
FlashLevel Normal
ReleaseMode Normal
SequenceNumber Single
Anti-Blur On (Shooting)
DynamicRangeOptimizer Standard
IntelligentAuto Off
WhiteBalance Auto
ReleaseMode2 Normal
ShotNumberSincePowerUp 1
SequenceImageNumber 1
SequenceLength 1 shot
SequenceFileNumber 1
SequenceLength 1 file
CameraOrientation Horizontal (normal)
Quality2 RAW + JPEG
SonyImageHeight 5304
ModelReleaseYear 2016
CameraTemperature 21 C
BatteryTemperature 23.3 C
BatteryLevel 53%
AFType 79-point
FocusMode AF-S
AFPointsUsed (none)
AFPoint E6 Center Vertical
AFPointInFocus (none)
AFPointAtShutterRelease (none)
AFAreaMode Expanded Flexible Spot
AFStatusActiveSensor Front Focus (-230)
ExposureProgram Aperture-priority AE
AFMicroAdj 0
AFStatus_00_B4 Out of Focus
AFStatus_01_C4 Out of Focus
AFStatus_02_D4 Front Focus (-255)
AFStatus_03_E4 Front Focus (-192)
AFStatus_04_F4 Front Focus (-215)
AFStatus_05_G4 Out of Focus
AFStatus_06_H4 Out of Focus
AFStatus_07_B3 Out of Focus
AFStatus_08_C3 Out of Focus
AFStatus_09_D3 Front Focus (-267)
AFStatus_10_E3 Front Focus (-185)
AFStatus_11_F3 Front Focus (-206)
AFStatus_12_G3 Front Focus (-406)
AFStatus_13_H3 Out of Focus
AFStatus_14_B2 Out of Focus
AFStatus_15_C2 Out of Focus
AFStatus_16_D2 Front Focus (-237)
AFStatus_17_E2 Front Focus (-182)
AFStatus_18_F2 Front Focus (-234)
AFStatus_19_G2 Out of Focus
AFStatus_20_H2 Out of Focus
AFStatus_21_C1 Out of Focus
AFStatus_22_D1 Front Focus (-227)
AFStatus_23_E1 Front Focus (-228)
AFStatus_24_F1 Front Focus (-292)
AFStatus_25_G1 Out of Focus
AFStatus_26_A7_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_27_A6_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_28_A5_Vertical Front Focus (-398)
AFStatus_29_C7_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_30_C6_Vertical Front Focus (-69)
AFStatus_31_C5_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_32_E7_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_33_E6_Center_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_34_E5_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_35_G7_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_36_G6_Vertical Front Focus (-326)
AFStatus_37_G5_Vertical Front Focus (-298)
AFStatus_38_I7_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_39_I6_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_40_I5_Vertical Out of Focus
AFStatus_41_A7 Front Focus (-495)
AFStatus_42_B7 Out of Focus
AFStatus_43_C7 Front Focus (-421)
AFStatus_44_D7 Front Focus (-271)
AFStatus_45_E7 Front Focus (-311)
AFStatus_46_F7 Front Focus (-329)
AFStatus_47_G7 Out of Focus
AFStatus_48_H7 Out of Focus
AFStatus_49_I7 Out of Focus
AFStatus_50_A6 Front Focus (-376)
AFStatus_51_B6 Front Focus (-380)
AFStatus_52_C6 Out of Focus
AFStatus_53_D6 Front Focus (-321)
AFStatus_54_E6_Center Front Focus (-248)
AFStatus_55_F6 Front Focus (-248)
AFStatus_56_G6 Out of Focus
AFStatus_57_H6 Out of Focus
AFStatus_58_I6 Out of Focus
AFStatus_59_A5 Front Focus (-427)
AFStatus_60_B5 Front Focus (-491)
AFStatus_61_C5 Out of Focus
AFStatus_62_D5 Front Focus (-196)
AFStatus_63_E5 Front Focus (-147)
AFStatus_64_F5 Front Focus (-240)
AFStatus_65_G5 Front Focus (-328)
AFStatus_66_H5 Front Focus (-271)
AFStatus_67_I5 Out of Focus
AFStatus_68_C11 Front Focus (-459)
AFStatus_69_D11 Front Focus (-285)
AFStatus_70_E11 Front Focus (-263)
AFStatus_71_F11 Front Focus (-376)
AFStatus_72_G11 Front Focus (-451)
AFStatus_73_B10 Front Focus (-440)
AFStatus_74_C10 Front Focus (-441)
AFStatus_75_D10 Front Focus (-199)
AFStatus_76_E10 Front Focus (-238)
AFStatus_77_F10 Front Focus (-405)
AFStatus_78_G10 Front Focus (-463)
AFStatus_79_H10 Out of Focus
AFStatus_80_B9 Front Focus (-370)
AFStatus_81_C9 Front Focus (-406)
AFStatus_82_D9 Front Focus (-316)
AFStatus_83_E9 Front Focus (-371)
AFStatus_84_F9 Front Focus (-412)
AFStatus_85_G9 Front Focus (-402)
AFStatus_86_H9 Out of Focus
AFStatus_87_B8 Front Focus (-478)
AFStatus_88_C8 Front Focus (-403)
AFStatus_89_D8 Front Focus (-338)
AFStatus_90_E8 Front Focus (-391)
AFStatus_91_F8 Front Focus (-393)
AFStatus_92_G8 Out of Focus
AFStatus_93_H8 Out of Focus
AFStatus_94_E6_Center_F2-8 Out of Focus
MaxAperture 2.8
MinAperture 22
FlashStatus No Flash present
ImageCount 0
SonyFNumber 0.0
ReleaseMode2 Normal
ReleaseMode2 Normal
InternalSerialNumber 9d30000000
LensMount A-mount
LensFormat Full-frame
LensType Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* 16-35mm F2.8 ZA SSM (SAL1635Z) or ZA SSM II
LensSpecFeatures ZA SSM II
PrintIMVersion 0300
MPFVersion 0100
NumberOfImages 2
MPImageFlags Representative image, Dependent parent image
MPImageFormat JPEG
MPImageType Baseline MP Primary Image
MPImageLength 7782954
MPImageStart 0
DependentImage1EntryNumber 2
DependentImage2EntryNumber 0
MPImageFlags Dependent child image
MPImageFormat JPEG
MPImageType Large Thumbnail (full HD equivalent)
MPImageLength 419589
MPImageStart 7783936
DependentImage1EntryNumber 0
DependentImage2EntryNumber 0
  C O M P O S I T E
Aperture 8.0
ImageSize 7952x5304
LensID Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* 16-35mm F2.8 ZA SSM II (SAL1635Z2)
PreviewImage (binary data)
Megapixels 42.2
ScaleFactor35efl 1.0
ShutterSpeed 2
ThumbnailImage (binary data)
CircleOfConfusion 0.030 mm
FOV 61.9 deg
FocalLength35efl 30.0 mm (35 mm equivalent: 30.0 mm)
HyperfocalDistance 3.74 m
LightValue 6.0