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Here are all of our Nikon D digital camera reviews, listed alphabetically by model.

image of the Nikon D4S digital camera

Nikon D4S

16.2 megapixel, Pro SLR, Non-Zoom

There are no two ways about it: The Nikon D4S is one seriously impressive DSLR. That's to be expected, bearing in mind its heritage. But casting judgement on its greatness depends very much on perspective, so we looked at Nikon's new pro flagship through two different lenses: That of the enthusiast looking to step up their game, and that of the pro upgrading to the latest and greatest. Whichever camp you fall into, we've got your answer. Read our Nikon D4S review, and find out if it's time you bought yourself a new DSLR!

Released March 2014

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image of the Nikon D90 digital camera

Nikon D90

12.3 megapixel, SLR, 5.80x Zoom

Released September 2008

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image of the Nikon D610 digital camera

Nikon D610

24.3 megapixel, Pro SLR, 3.54x Zoom

The Nikon D610 is the camera last year's D600 was supposed to be, with a redesigned shutter mechanism that eliminates the dust-and-oil spot issue that plagued its predecessor. With just a few other minor upgrades, such as near 6 fps continuous burst shooting, a new Quiet Continuous mode and tweaked Auto White Balance, the D610 may not seem like a major step up from the D600. But in fixing its predecessor's glaring flaw, the Nikon D610 is now a camera that earns our whole-hearted recommendation.

Released October 2013

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image of the Nikon D750 digital camera

Nikon D750

24.3 megapixel, Pro SLR, 5.00x Zoom

Placed between the D610 and D810, the Nikon D750 borrows from both models for a fantastic all-around multimedia DSLR. With a 24.3MP full-frame sensor and fast EXPEED 4 processor, the Nikon D750 captures outstanding, highly detailed images with excellent dynamic range and high ISO performance. The Nikon D750 also has class-leading burst shooting capabilities and excellent low-light AF. With an articulated LCD screen and other high-end movie features, the D750 is also a great option for multimedia producers and videographers. Read our in-depth Nikon D750 review for all the details on this all-around multimedia DSLR!

Released September 2014

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image of the Nikon D800 digital camera

Nikon D800

36.3 megapixel, Pro SLR, Non-Zoom

Promising extremely high-resolution images, the Nikon D800 doesn't disappoint; better yet, its high-ISO performance surprised us, able to produce a good 8 x 10-inch print even at ISO 25,600. Well-designed and built, the Nikon D800 is a premium performer that easily earns its selling price.

Released March 2012

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image of the Nikon D800E digital camera

Nikon D800E

36.3 megapixel, Pro SLR, Non-Zoom

While it's almost identical to the Nikon D800, the D800E's unique sensor is better left to the pros. Though it offers more detail, that comes at the cost of increased moire thanks to the camera's lack of a low-pass filter. For those who know how to compensate and select proper subjects, the Nikon D800E is still an excellent choice.

Released April 2012



image of the Nikon D810 digital camera

Nikon D810

36.3 megapixel, Pro SLR, Non-Zoom

Released July 2014


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image of the Nikon D810A digital camera

Nikon D810A

36.3 megapixel, Pro SLR, Non-Zoom

Released May 2014



image of the Nikon D3200 digital camera

Nikon D3200

24.2 megapixel, SLR, 3.06x Zoom

Nikon adds some significant resolution to its latest entry-level DSLR, the simple but sophisticated 24.2-megapixel D3200, which produces decent image quality even in low light at high ISOs. With a compact, comfortable and more ergonomic design than the D3100, the D3200 is another great entry-level DSLR and, perhaps, Nikon's best digital SLR for beginners yet.

Released April 2012

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image of the Nikon D3300 digital camera

Nikon D3300

24.2 megapixel, SLR, 3.06x Zoom

Released February 2014


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image of the Nikon D5100 digital camera

Nikon D5100

16.2 megapixel, SLR, 3.00x Zoom

Nikon's followup to the D5000 digital SLR brings a higher-resolution image sensor with improved noise performance and dynamic range, as well as the company's latest-generation image processing algorithms. It also replaces the earlier camera's bottom-mounted LCD articulation mechanism with a side-mounted design that's much more versatile, and brings an expanded selection of consumer-friendly in-camera filter effects, plus a two-shot HDR mode--a first for Nikon's DSLR lineup.

Released April 2011

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image of the Nikon D5200 digital camera

Nikon D5200

24.1 megapixel, SLR, 3.00x Zoom

With its easy-to-use, consumer-friendly design and relatively affordable price, the Nikon D5200 may technically be geared for beginners, but it also carries a considerable amount of photographic power within its compact, ergonomic body. The DSLR's sophisticated 24.1-megapixel sensor and imaging processor help it capture exceptional photos that rival those taken by more higher-end cameras, even in low light. Add in Full HD movie recording, a relatively fast burst shooting mode and a ton of advanced features, and the D5200 stands as one of the best DSLR investments a beginning photographer can make.

Released January 2013

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image of the Nikon D5300 digital camera

Nikon D5300

24.2 megapixel, SLR, 7.78x Zoom

Despite being an evolutionary upgrade to the D5200, the Nikon D5300 sports a newly developed 24.2MP sensor without an AA filter for enhanced sharpness, and Nikon's latest EXPEED 4 processor for better high ISO handling and 1080/60p HD video. The addition of built-in Wi-Fi and GPS makes this compact, mid-range DSLR an excellent choice for upgrading beginners and budding enthusiasts alike.

Released October 2013

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image of the Nikon D5500 digital camera

Nikon D5500

24.2 megapixel, SLR, 7.78x Zoom

Released February 2015


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image of the Nikon D7000 digital camera

Nikon D7000

16.2 megapixel, SLR, 5.80x Zoom

Nikon's top enthusiast digital SLR camera is as easy to recommend as a cold glass of lemonade on a hot Summer day, and at least as satisfying. The Nikon D7000 is a refinement of the already superb D90, a redesign that maintains a small, nimble body while improving nearly every major internal aspect. Its 16.2-megapixel sensor and processor conspire to output quality images at all ISO settings, from 100 to 25,600, cranking those images out at up to 6 fps. Full 1080p HD video capture, dual memory card slots, 39 autofocus points, a new color-sensitive meter, a near-100% viewfinder, and in-camera editing round out just a few of the extra features found in the Nikon D7000.

Released October 2010

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image of the Nikon D7100 digital camera

Nikon D7100

24.1 megapixel, Pro SLR, 5.80x Zoom

By supercharging the resolution with a 24.1-megapixel CMOS sensor and removing the optical low-pass filter to capture finer detail, the Nikon D7100 delivers the best image quality we've ever seen in a Nikon APS-C-type DSLR. Add in a new 51-point autofocus system, full 1080p HD video recording with full-time AF, a nifty 1.3x crop mode that extends the camera's reach, and many more advanced, near-pro-level features, and it's clear the D7100 is a serious tool for shooters who want to get more serious about their photography.

Released March 2013

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image of the Nikon D7200 digital camera

Nikon D7200

24.2 megapixel, Pro SLR, 7.78x Zoom

Available April 2015


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image of the Nikon Df digital camera

Nikon Df

16.2 megapixel, Pro SLR, Non-Zoom

The full-frame, FX-format Nikon Df takes the same great sensor and processor pairing of the professional Nikon D4, and places them in a weather-sealed, retro-styled body that's rich with external controls. (And it does so at half the price of the pro camera.) It's arguably the best available-light shooter around, but is it the right camera for you? Read our Nikon Df review, and find out!

Released November 2013

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