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The following is an unedited press release, shown as received from the company represented. We've elected to present selected releases without editorial comment, as a way to provide our readers more information without further overtaxing our limited editorial resources. To avoid any possible confusion or conflict of interest, the Imaging Resource will always clearly distinguish between company-provided press releases and our own editorial views and content.

Zink's logo. Click here to visit the Zink website! PRESS RELEASE: ZINK Imaging Announces Next Generation of ZINK® Technology.

Next generation ZINK® Technology, including new ZINK Paper® formats, expands ZINK ecosystem.

Bedford MA., December 15, 2009 – ZINK Imaging, Inc. inventors and manufacturers of the award‐winning ZINK® Zero Ink® Printing Technology and ZINK Paper® today announced the availability of the next generation of ZINK Technology. New ZINK‐enabled products leveraging this next generation will be widely available in 2010 from the ZINK partner network.

ZINK Technology encompasses both the ZINK Paper, the heart of the technology, and the intelligence embedded in every ZINK‐enabled device. ZINK Imaging’s development teams have made several chemistry, physics, and manufacturing process enhancements, resulting in the improved performance of the ZINK Paper. Additionally, ZINK Imaging and its partners collaborated on new hardware and image science technologies that enhance the print quality, performance, and reduce the product size of next generation ZINK printing devices. This new level of system performance will be available with all next generation ZINK devices.

The next generation of ZINK Paper will first be available in new 3x4‐inch and 4x6‐inch format sizes. The ideal size for in‐the‐field printing, the 3x4‐inch is targeted for use in mobile consumer and commercial applications, offering a large print from pocket‐sized devices. The 4x6‐inch format is targeted for use in ZINK‐enabled home photo printers that will fulfill consumers’ longstanding demand for easy, hassle‐free photo printing at home. ZINK Imaging also plans to leverage the next generation ZINK Technology in additional format sizes, including the already commercialized 2x3‐inch format.

“We are continually working in the lab to improve the performance of the ZINK system,” said Wendy Caswell, President and CEO of ZINK Imaging. “We are thrilled about the availability of the next generation of ZINK as it propels the technology into new markets and applications…..all without ink cartridges or ribbons.”

The first product to benefit from these advancements is the recently announced Pandigital® Portable Photo Printer – the world’s first Zero Ink 4x6‐inch printer. The Pandigital‐ZINK system was designed from the ground up to meet the exacting performance requirements of home photo printing consumers. Additional partners and product announcements that leverage the new ZINK Paper formats are expected in early 2010.

ZINK Technology provides companies with a technology platform from which to launch a new generation of devices that are compact, easy‐to‐use, and earth‐friendly. Powering these ZINK‐enabled products is the patented ZINK Paper, an advanced composite material with embedded yellow, magenta, and cyan dye crystals. ZINK‐enabled devices use heat to activate and colorize these crystals, producing high quality, durable, full‐color images with radical simplicity. Just add ZINK Paper™.

See ZINK® Technology Live at 2010 CES
ZINK Imaging will be at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Companies interested in experiencing the next generation of ZINK Technology live or joining the ZINK partner network should schedule an appointment at CES by calling Deanna Clarance at +1‐781‐761‐5315.

The 4x6‐inch Pandigital ZINK‐enabled printer will be demonstrated in the Mommy Tech section in the North Hall of the “Living in Digital Times” Tech Zone, Booth# 3224A.

About ZINK Imaging
ZINK Imaging Inc., a privately held company, was founded to enable millions of customers to enjoy the magic of ZINK® Zero Ink® products. ZINK Imaging invented, manufactures, and is an OEM supplier of the ZINK Printing Technology and the award winning ZINK Paper® to partners that will bring ZINK‐enabled products to market under their respective brands. ZINK Imaging’s headquarters and research and development labs are in Massachusetts, with a state of the art manufacturing facility in Whitsett, North Carolina. For more information, please visit www.ZINK.com.

The ZINK® Technology and ZINK® trademarks are owned by ZINK Imaging, Inc.


(First posted on Thursday, December 17, 2009 at 18:39 EST)

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