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The following is an unedited press release, shown as received from the company represented. We've elected to present selected releases without editorial comment, as a way to provide our readers more information without further overtaxing our limited editorial resources. To avoid any possible confusion or conflict of interest, the Imaging Resource will always clearly distinguish between company-provided press releases and our own editorial views and content.

CyberLink's logo. Click here to visit the CyberLink website! PRESS RELEASE: CyberLink Refreshes Complete Product Lineup Optimized for the 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family

Providing Ultra-fast Media Experience in Amazing Quality

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW) is pleased to announce its flagship products PowerDVD, PowerDirector, MediaEspresso and YouCam are now optimized for 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors, providing users with enhanced and accelerated performance, enabling break through media processing with Intel Quick Sync Video, hardware accelerated Blu-ray 3D MVC video decoding, video editing effects rendering acceleration, Blu-ray disc authoring, HDMI 1.4 stereoscopic 3D output and HD webcaming.

Transcoding is very time-consuming and computationally intensive, and consumers have to spend hours to complete the process. By leveraging the Intel® Media SDK®, CyberLink PowerDirector and MediaEspresso now offer ultra-fast transcoding capability via Intel® Quick Sync Video® for consumers to enjoy up to 10x speedup in performance, significantly reducing wait time.

With the optimization for 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors, the update of CyberLink PowerDVD now supports 3D MVC Video Decoding Acceleration, enabling hardware accelerated decode for Full HD Blu-ray 3D titles.

The refresh of YouCam will enable real-time transcoding from MJPEG HD Webcam to H.264 HD Stream with effects, such as headgear, Augmented Reality and all the interactive particle effects, allowing users to create unique webcam videos, record them in fantastic quality and speed and share them to the most popular online communities.

“We are excited to leverage Intel’s cutting-edge 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor technology to advance the media experience for consumers,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink Corp. “With the combination of the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors and CyberLink flagship products refresh, users will enjoy smooth and ultra-fast media experience in amazing quality and speed.”

“Intel is delighted to work closely with CyberLink to optimize their applications for 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors,” said Mooly Eden, Vice President and General Manager of PC Client Group at Intel. “The combination of 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors with CyberLink’s multimedia applications enables a stunning visual experience for mainstream consumers doing video editing, authoring, media conversion, and playback.”

Product Availability
The new PowerDVD, PowerDirector and MediaEspresso update is now available to existing users for free via CyberLink Update Center. The update of YouCam will be available soon in February 2011.

For more information, please visit CyberLink's website.

(First posted on Friday, January 7, 2011 at 13:48 EST)

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