PMA 2001 - February 13, 2001
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Grab your pitchforks, the revolt is on!
18:25 EST - The revolt against the sRGB color space is on! Epson enlists Casio, Konica, Kyocera (Contax/Yashica), Minolta, Olympus, Ricoh, Sony, and Toshiba as partners in a new digicam color standard.

A special "color commentary" from Dave: In Monday's news, we reported on the "Epson PRINT Matching" digicam/printer color space announcement made by Epson and eight digicam companies about a new color space standard for digicam files. I think this news is important enough that it deserved some special comment, but today is the first chance I've had to sit down and write anything. Also, the initial... (More)

DIMA Innovative Digital Product Winners!
17:46 EST - Only 17 products were selected for the prestigious DIMA Innovative Digital Product Awards at this year's PMA Conference and Tradeshow. Ingenuity, quality, and impact on the future of digital were the criteria used to select these lucky winners.

Photo Marketing Association and DIMA, the association's digital imaging group, announced 17 Innovative Digital Product Award winners for the 2001 PMA Convention and Tradeshow. Winners were selected by a group of digital imaging editors and writers recruited from digital imaging publications throughout the industry. Criteria to win an Innovative Digital Product Award included innovative use of new technologies... (More)

DIMA Digital Printer Shoot Out Results!
17:01 EST - Every year, dozens of printer manufacturers pit their wares against the competition, in a two-day, one-on-one Shoot Out sponsored by the Photo Marketing Association and DIMA, its digital imaging group. You'll see some familiar names among the winners, with a pretty fair representation across the board.

DIMA hosted its annual Printer Shoot-Out at the PMA 2001 Convention and Trade Show in Orlando this week. Winners were chosen from among 28 participating companies who were given the same digital files made by Quality Chrome Imaging Center, Charlotte, NC. Each company was asked to provide their printer specification information, such as printer type, RIP, and color management, as well as the output... (More)

Polaroid's PDC640M digital camera. Copyright (c) 2001, Michael R. Tomkins, all rights reserved. Polaroid announces PDC640 Modem Camera!
15:35 EST - Polaroid announces its long-awaited digital camera with built-in modem at PMA 2001...

Polaroid has officially unveiled its PDC640M 'Modem Camera' at PMA, a unit which we first told you was on the company's drawing boards back in July of 2000... The PDC640M looks to feature the same internals as Polaroid's existing PDC640 model, but with the addition of a modem and in-camera software allowing for dial-up connectivity with which to transfer images to the website.... (More)

DIMA's logo. Click here to visit the PMA website! DIMA digital camera shootout winners announced!
14:44 EST - 14 digital cameras selected as winners in the 2001 DIMA Digital Camera Shoot-Out - we'll tell you which!

The Digital Imaging Marketing Association, a section of the Photo Marketing Association from which the PMA 2001 show we're attending gets its name, has announced the winners of its annual Digital Camera Shoot-Out. 14 cameras were selected as winners in the categories of Point-and-Shoot, Camcorder, Prosumer / Professional Photographic, Commercial Strobe-Based Capture and Commercial Scanning Capture.... (More)

Kodak, Olympus announce alliance!
13:10 EST - Imaging giants Kodak and Olympus announce an alliance to cross-license digital camera technologies...

Kodak and Olympus have jointly distributed a press release today (see below) announcing an agreement to cross-license their digital camera technologies. According to the release, both companies have more than a thousand patents relating to digital cameras and periphery technologies... No specific informaton is given as to which of the technologies the companies intend to license to each other, nor... (More)

Sandisk 512MB CompactFlash card, 64MB SD card and 32MB MultiMediaCard. Copyright (c) 2001, Michael R. Tomkins, all rights reserved. SanDisk Announces Four New High-Capacity Memory Cards!
12:27 EST - Not to be outdone in the race for more memory, SanDisk Corporation introduced four new high-capacity cards at PMA: 256-, 384-, and 512MB CompactFlash cards, plus a 128MB SmartMedia card. What makes these CF cards so special is their price points. The CF cards will range in price from $399 for the 256MB to $799 for the 512MB -- much lower than originally anticipated.

SanDisk Corporation introduced its new high-capacity flash memory cards this week, including 256-, 384-, and 512MB CompactFlash Type I cards, developed for use in the burgening 3-, 4-, and 5-megapixel digital camera market, and a 128MB SmartMedia card was also released. "Having more than a half-gigabyte of removable (CompactFlash) storage means consumers can store hundreds or more high-quality digital... (More)

Pentax's unnamed digital SLR.  Copyright (c) 2001, Michael R. Tomkins, all rights reserved. Pentax EI-3000 and unnamed digital SLR - exclusive pics! (UPDATED)
10:53 EST - Pentax shows an upcoming digital SLR and an EI-2000 successor at PMA...

Pentax is showing two interesting upcoming digital cameras at PMA 2001 in Orlando. First up is a digital SLR which, similarly to the Contax camera we described yesterday, will feature a 35mm frame-sized CCD image sensor. As we mentioned in that article, a 35mm frame-sized sensor offers multiple benefits such as greater light capture per pixel (and hence decreased noise), as well as true wide-angle... (More)

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