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Fuji: 20.8 megapixel SuperCCD camera back
By Michael R. Tomkins, The Imaging Resource
(Saturday, February 22, 2003 - 12:53 EST)

Our friends over at the Digital Camera Resource Page picked up on a brief mention of an interesting development from Fuji in a press release we recently ran.

The press release, describing Fuji's PMA 2003 presence , states:
"New Digital Camera Back with 20.8 Pixels Super CCD
Fujifilm will announce the development of a new state-of-the-art medium format digital camera back for professional use. The back is equipped with Fujifilm's newly developed 20.8 million total pixels Super CCD with a 52 x 37 mm size chip capable of producing a record breaking 7,648 x 5,408 (41 million) recorded pixels for exceptional quality. The CCD will produce ultra high-resolution images with superb color fidelity for professional photographers."
We have to congratulate Jeff for picking up on this mention - a very interesting development indeed. Incidentally, he just posted a review of the Toshiba PDR-3320 digital camera , and another of the Sony DPP-EX5 photo printer . If you're considering purchasing either product, hop over to Jeff's site to see what he thinks...

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