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scandigital.2009.150x61.jpg ScanDigital Transfers Images to CD/DVD & Loads Photos to Online Gallery for Sharing and Archiving
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Thursday, March 12, 2009 - 23:59 EDT)

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. -- Photography enthusiasts will love learning about ScanDigital, the premier photo and home movie transfer service, at this year's PMA Tradeshow. ScanDigital specializes in converting old photographic material to digital format, allowing customers to archive and enjoy all of their work, new and old, in one location. Simply send ScanDigital your prints, slides and negatives and they will scan, crop and color correct them, post them in an online gallery for sharing and archiving and return them to you along with a digital copy of the images.

ScanDigital's services benefit the entire photography community:

• Amateur Photographers: Preserve Favorite Memories: Ensure your photos are protected against decay and disaster with ScanDigital. By converting your best moments to digital format, you'll be sure those priceless memories are preserved for generations to come.

• High-End Hobbyists: High Quality and Security with Flexibility: ScanDigital's secure and high quality process is flexible enough to meet the custom needs of all high-end hobbyists. Each photo is manually processed and reviewed several times to ensure the highest quality and complete satisfaction.

• Professional Photographers: Archive a Lifetime of Work: With ScanDigital's fast and easy digitizing service, a lifetime of professional photos can be archived in one location. The service also unlocks new business opportunities allowing professionals to sell old work as new digital stock photography.

• Retailers and Merchants: Become a ScanDigital Affiliate: ScanDigital's Affiliate Program is an ideal way for retailers to offer their customers a valuable service and make extra money at the same time. Signing up is free and affiliates earn 15 percent of revenue generated plus $2 for every registration.

ScanDigital is a Web-based company that provides an innovative service and process for the conversion of old photos, slides, negatives, videos and reel-to-reel film into digital format. Orders are placed online at and the Web site automatically generates a UPS shipping label for secure shipping to their Los Angeles headquarters. All materials are processed in the U.S. to ensure that handling is fast and secure, quality remains high and your memorabilia are never lost in transit.

Photographic material is scanned and then a light photo restoration is performed including: individual cropping orientation, color correction, red-eye removal and the removal of dust and minor scratches. The digitized images are returned on CD, DVD or hard drive along with the originals, usually within a week after they are received at ScanDigital. Image files are also uploaded to a free online gallery for viewing, sharing and long term preservation. You can also upload images directly to your gallery from your camera and computer to unite your new and old images for one seamless photo archive. Prices start at $0.48 for each color photo at 300 dpi, with resolutions up to 4,000 dpi available. The service can handle black and white and color photos on printed paper as well as negatives, slides and photo albums.

ScanDigital's Video and Film Conversion services allow users to view their old videos and reel-to-reel film in digital format. This includes 8mm, Super 8, 16mm, VHS, VHS-C, BetaMax, Hi8, MiniDV and Digital 8 materials. Prices start at $0.28 per foot of film and $19.95 per video cassette, with high resolution available.

ScanDigital also offers a line of products for customers to begin enjoying their photos in digital format, including pre-loaded Digital Photo Frames ($129.95) and Slide Shows ($99.95).

For more information, visit

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