How to . . .
. . . Troubleshoot Your Digital Camera

The IR Driver Project Phase I! By Mike Pasini
How to get current driver software for your digital camera.

Getting the Camera to Talk to Your Computer!, By Gerald M. Payne
How to troubleshooting PC serial port camera connection problems.
When All Else Fails, By Mike Pasini
Resetting your camera to get to the root of the problem.
Surviving a Clogged Cartridge, By Mike Pasini
Printer not working? Ignore your survival instincts (to buy a new one) and try one of these recipes.
Unerasing Lost Images I, By Mike Pasini
Freeware tools and standard utilities for recovering lost images. Cheap but tricky.
Unerasing Lost Images EASILY, By Mike Pasini
Unerase images files on memory cards EASILY and QUICKLY with this inexpensive recovery tool!
. . . Care For Digital Cameras
Playing Cards, By Mike Pasini
Camera or computer? Where to format your media storage card.
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. . . Use a Desktop Printer
Creating a Printer Template, By Mike Pasini
How to determine your desktop printer's optimum print resolution.
Count Quarters, By Mike Pasini
Calculating digital print sizes is as easy as counting your change!
Blow It Up! By Mike Pasini
You can make a 30 x 40-inch poster from your 1-megapixel file. Viewing distance is the key.
Looking Good on Paper, By Mike Pasini
There are lots of paper options for your desktop inkjet printer. Know what to look for when you shop.
Inkjet Paper Review:'s Offerings, By Dave Etchells
Looking for a wide range of surfaces and better prices than most manufacturer's proprietary formulations...look no further!
. . . Understand Image Resolution and Sensors
Pixels, Dots, and Inches: How Big Can I Print It, By Dave Etchells
How to determine the correct file size to print a photograph.
New Year's Resolutions, By Mike Pasini
A quick review of pixel resolution, bit depth, and color space -- plus a few charts to help you understand them.
Images, Email, and Internet Mysteries, By Dave Etchells
Dave's tips for sending photographs over the Web.
JPEG Revealed, By Mike Pasini
An informal discussion of JPEG compression and how it works.
The Invention of Simultaneous Bracketing, By Mike Pasini
A look behind the inner workings of a CCD sensor, plus a unique approach to interpolation.
Hot Pixels, By Mike Pasini
How hot is too hot? A simple test will uncover defects in your digicam's CCD.
What's Really Going on in the Sensor?, By Dave Etchells
Image quality starts with the sensor. Until now, we've had only a limited ability to analyze image quality at the RAW level. A new, free information resource from DxO Labs promises to change all that.
. . . Store and Archive Digital Images

Burning a Backup, By Mike Pasini
Near disaster reminds us of how important it is to make and store back-up CDs.

Dealing with Space Junk, By Mike Pasini
How to catalog your images so you can find them in the "next" millennium.

Photo CD Basics, (PDF) By Brian Lawler © Brian Lawler, all rights reserved. Article NOT included in IR content licenses.

. . . Transmit Digital Images

Images, Email, and Internet Mysteries, By Dave Etchells
Dave's tips for sending photographs over the Web.

. . . Travel With Your Digital Camera

No Film, No Regrets!, By Dave Etchells
Digicam maven though he is, Dave hasn't been able to completely sever his ties with film... Until now!