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Photodex's logo. Click here to visit the Photodex Corp. website! Photodex unveils CompuPic 6.0!
(Friday, October 19, 2001 - 18:26 EDT)

Newest version of the digital content manager will be shown at Comdex...

Photodex Corp. has distributed a press release announcing that it will introduce new versions of its CompuPic digital content manager at the Digital Focus press event running alonside Fall Comdex 2001. CompuPic 6.0 and CompuPic Pro 6.0 for Windows have an extensive list of changes from the previous revision, CompuPic 5.3, which was first released in February of this year:
  • 400% faster thumbnailing
  • Improved handling of large file lists
  • Improved startup time
  • Improved database performance and stability
  • Improved JPEG decoding and viewing performance
  • Improved copy/move speed
  • New paned interface:
    • Rearrange the main window to fit your workflow
    • Float panes as seperate windows
    • Smoother, faster interface resizing
  • New program dialogs
  • Interface options for customizing the way CompuPic's dialogs look:
    • Turn sidebars on and off
    • Use colored gradient section titles
    • Use a beveled or flat style
  • New keyboard shortcuts, including:
    • Shortcuts for all display modes
    • Shortcuts for hiding and showing any main window pane
    • Shortcuts for every tool and utility
  • All new shaded selection style
  • Added button for E-Mail to the toolbar
  • Extended, 30-day trial period
  • Integrated ZIP archive support:
    • Browse ZIP files just like folders
    • Create new ZIP files
    • Copy files into and out of ZIP archives with drag/drop
    • View files and videos from within ZIP archives
  • Added ability to custom sort files in any order
  • Visually browse video files with video thumbnailing
  • Added ability to use cut/copy/paste to copy and move files
  • Auto-correct images
  • Files names are colorized according to file type, with fully configurable colors
  • Added ability to batch convert to TIFF
  • Added ability to batch convert to PBM
  • Added ability to batch convert to PSD
  • Added option in Viewer to exit the program
  • Added option to not wrap past beginning or end of list in the Viewer
  • Added sound effect option for wrapping past beginning or end in the Viewer
  • Added option for controlling the selection speed in the File List
  • New E-Mailing interface with previews
  • Added option to not colorize selected thumbnails in Windows View Mode
  • Added support for copying a file, or copying just the image data
  • Added option to exit the program after viewing a file from an association
  • Added ability to jump to the parent folder using the 'Backspace' key
  • Added 'Word Case' options to batch rename function
  • Added display of compressed file size in the Viewer
  • Improved Auto-Scroll in the File List with better speed control
  • Improved drag/drop behavior for copy and move to act like Windows Explorer
  • Improved delete function now shows status during deletion
  • Changed slideshow timing to seconds, specified down to 1/1000ths
  • Changed default mouse wheel behavior in Viewer to perform next/previous
  • Double-clicking a file in the Preview Window now performs the configured application
  • Improved Folder List display now shows correct network drive names
  • Fixed problems with some buggy video drivers
  • Fixed problems with main window sizing under Windows 95
  • Fixed problems with losslessly rotating images on network drives
  • Fixed problems with saving locations in the Web Page Generator
  • Fixed stalling problems in Viewer when skipping large numbers of non-images using next/previous
  • File list now shows correct icons for drives and special paths
  • Fixed intermittant crash problems during installation
  • When started from a file association, CompuPic no longer displays the splash screen
  • Fixed problems with scanning and capturing images
  • Fixed problems with performing batch rename on large numbers of files
  • Fixed problem with Folder List scrollbar at certain heights
Available to download immediately in 30-day trial versions, CompuPic 6.0 costs $49.95 for the standard version, and $99.95 for the Pro version. Although the program is available on other platforms such as Macintosh and Linux, the latest 6.0 release is only currently available for PC users.

Source: Photodex Corp.

Original Source Press Release:

Photodex Corporation to Introduce CompuPic(TM) Version 6.0 at Digital Focus Press Event.

Austin, TX October 16, 2001 - Photodex Corporation, a leading graphics software publisher, will be exhibiting its new version of the popular CompuPic- Digital Content Management Software at the Digital Focus press event in Las Vegas, November 11, 2001.

"We have not been this excited about a release in a long, long time." said Paul Schmidt, CEO of Photodex Corporation. "Even the 4.0 release in 1998 does not compare to the enhancements in the new 6.0 version. Comdex has always been a great place to meet new people and see technology at its best. Events such as Digital Focus give us the opportunity to talk with the press and discuss market direction and how CompuPic falls into the emerging digital imaging markets."

Photodex has offered digital imaging products for various platforms starting with GDS for DOS in 1991. Photodex offered the first version of CompuPic for Windows with the initial release of version 1.0 in 1995. In 1997, CompuPic was ported to the Macintosh, and in 1999, CompuPic was released for Linux and other Unix based platforms. The latest generation of CompuPic, version 6.0 is based on a decade of digital imaging experience.

Photodex also offers a professional software package called the Photodex Picture CD(TM), which helps retail photo labs and professional photographers create Picture CDs from 35mm, APS and slides. The Photodex Picture CD is the only brandable picture CD solution available to photo labs at this time. Over 20 million Picture CDs are distributed annually.

CompuPic and CompuPic Pro are available for download as 30-day free trials from www.photodex.com. CompuPic street price is $49.95 and CompuPic Pro is $99.95. These prices include one year of free upgrades.

About Photodex Corporation -
Founded in 1987 and based in Austin, TX, Photodex Corporation develops innovative imaging and media applications helping computer users organize and use their photos, clip art, fonts, videos, and sound files effectively and creatively. Photodex also creates and sells the Photodex Picture CD(TM) that helps retail photo labs and professional photographers create Picture CDs from film. Both the Photodex Picture CD and the CompuPic family of digital content managers support photosharing at www.PictureCD.com. For more information, visit www.photodex.com or call us at 1-800-377-4686.

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