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iCorrect Professional's logo. Click here to visit the Pictographics website! Pictographics announces iCorrect discount!
(Thursday, October 25, 2001 - 15:58 EDT)

From now through Halloween, get 10% off the color correction plugin...

Pictographics International Corp. has announced a 10% discount on its iCorrect Professional color correction plugin for PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro and other programs which comply with the PhotoShop plugin format. Effective immediately, and through to Halloween, customers purchasing iCorrect Pro from the Pictographics website can get the downloadable version for $89, or the CD-ROM version for $99, by entering promotional code ‘Halloween’ in their shopping cart at checkout.

Newsletter Editor Mike Pasini reviewed the plugin last September, concluding:
"This is really the first color correction tool we've seen that is so well designed even a colorblind operator could improve an image. You may not know how to describe skin, sky or foliage but anyone can point to them. And that's all it takes."

Source: Pictographics International Corp.

Original Source Press Release:

Halloween Special - 10% Off iCorrect Professional

From now through midnight on Halloween you can get 10% off Pictographics’ highly acclaimed iCorrect Professional – just $89 download or $99 (plus shipping) for a CD-ROM. It’s no trick – but a real treat. Don’t miss this opportunity to get the best color correction plug-in there is for Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and other popular photo editing software. In case you think that’s just our pride talking, check out what demanding independent experts have had to say about iCorrect. (If you’d like to read the complete reviews, most can be reached via links on the Product Reviews page at our web site.

  • "We simply fell in love with it. And if you’re uncomfortable making color corrections your heart may beat faster too."
  • "...the power of this tool is not to be diminished by its apparent
    >simplicity. iCorrect is now part of my everyday toolkit."
  • "...my favorite Photoshop plug-in, iCorrect Professional."
  • "I have tested many Photoshop plug-ins since I started working with Photoshop almost 10 years ago, but iCorrect Professional is the first one to come along that has me wondering how I did without it.
  • ...iCorrect accomplishes a near miracle.
  • ...iCorrect Professional is very definitely a worthwhile plug-in for Photoshop, one that should be a must to users of the program.
  • [iCorrect Professional] helps you get the richest and most accurate colors from your digital photographs. . . .
  • Terrific product.
  • iCorrect Professional is one of those rare Photoshop Plug-ins that I find myself using on a regular basis. At this time it is the only colour correction Plug-in that I consider worthy of recommending to others.
To receive your discount, visit the Product Store from our home page at www.picto.com, select the version of iCorrect Professional you want, and then enter ‘Halloween’ in the promotional code box at the top of your shopping cart. You’ll soon be chasing away any color cast gremlins that haunt your digital images!

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