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SiPix's PocketColor 100 printer. Courtesy of SiPix Inc. SiPix announces portable color printer!
(Wednesday, December 12, 2001 - 02:20 EST)

PocketColor 100 runs on 4 AA batteries and prints directly from the SiPix SP-1300 digicam...

Digital camera manufacturer SiPix Inc. will today announce the latest addition to its line of portable printers, in the form of the SiPix PocketColor 100. Featuring USB connectivity and direct-print capability when connected to the SiPix SP-1300 digital camera, the latest PocketColor printer costs $99 and was designed in cooperation with the same consultancy responsible for the Palm V and Handspring Visor Edge, IDEO.

The PocketColor 100 has a separate dry-color ink cartridge and 20-sheet paper cartridge, and prints are coated with a protective layer that resists damage from fingerprints, UV rays or water. The device is compatible with Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP-based PCs, and runs on either an AC adapter (included) or 4 AA batteries. ArcSoft PhotoImpression and SiPix Grab, Print and Share software are included, along with a 20-sheet paper cartridge, color cartridge, paper tray, cleaning head, USB cable, AC adapter and Quick Start guide.

20-sheet paper packs cost $8.99 with a color cartridge included, and 20-sheet sticker packs cost $9.99. Value packs with triple these quantities cost $21.99 for paper, and $24.99 for stickers. Print size is not mentioned in SiPix's press kit.

SiPix's PocketColor 100 printer. Courtesy of SiPix Inc., with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Click for a bigger picture!
SiPix's PocketColor 100 printer.

Original Source Press Release:

SiPix Printer Allows Users to Stick It to Their Friends and Family with New Portable Photo Printer

Priced at $99, tiny, take anywhere PocketColor 100 printer produces high quality, wallet-size glossy prints and stickers

Milpitas, Calif., Dec. 12, 2001- SiPix, Inc., The Digital Imaging Appliance Company, today announced the PocketColor 100 portable printer for anyone who likes to share pictures. Designed in collaboration with IDEO, one of the most distinguished innovation consultancies in the world and recognized for designing the first Apple mouse, the Palm V, and the Handspring Visor Edge, the PocketColor 100 printer runs on AA batteries and prints directly from the SiPix SP-1300 digital camera or from any personal computer using a USB interface.

The cool little handheld printer is easy and fun to use, allowing users to print and share pictures and photo stickers at school, parties, work or to liven-up any event. Priced at $99, the PocketColor 100 is a take-anywhere personal appliance that gives the flexibility to print and share digital pictures, images and graphics on the spot.

The pocket-sized printer uses an automatic sheet feeder and a dry color ink cartridge, eliminating messy liquid inks. An automatic protective overcoat even makes the printed photos resist fingerprints, ultraviolet rays and water stains, making the prints absolutely kid and adult-proof!

"The printer is perfect for kids and teens who want to decorate or personalize their belongings with photos of friends and family, favorite artists and bands, sports heroes or whatever images they want, when they want it," said Michael Weizer, director of product marketing for SiPix, Inc. "Sharing digital pictures is rapidly becoming a way of day-to-day life for kids, parents, friends and family and we've made it fun, easier, and more affordable than ever to share those favorite pictures."

Ron Glaz, Program Manager, Digital Camera and Scanners at International Data Corporation, observes that friendlier, more affordable products are essential to growing the digital imaging market. He adds, "The PocketColor 100 is aimed at expanding the consumer adoption of digital imaging. This consumer-priced printer allows photographers, students, friends, travelers and others to show off their high-resolution pictures immediately, while on the road, on location or at home.

The SiPix PocketColor 100 is compatible with PCs running Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP equipped with a USB port. The printer runs on 4 AA batteries or the included AC adapter.

The printer includes a bundle of great software titles to help users get going right out of the box. It includes the easy-to-use ArcSoft PhotoImpression photo editing and creative design program to edit and retouch photos or add special effects for photo cards, calendars and frames. It also includes SiPix Grab, Print & Share, which allows users to grab and print pictures directly from any Web page to the PocketColor 100.

Pricing and Availability
Available now, the SiPix PocketColor 100 retails for $99 and is backed by a one-year warranty and toll-free technical support at 866-888-1678. Lifetime technical support is available at no additional charge at 408-719-5076. The PocketColor 100 includes a 20 sheet pack of photo paper, a color cartridge, paper tray, cleaning head, USB cable, AC power adapter, and a Quick Start guide.

Additional packs of sticker and photo paper are available at the same locations as the PocketColor 100 printer and from the SiPix on-line parts and accessories store at http://www.sipix.com/ordering.shtml. Packs of 20 sheets include a color cartridge and cost $8.99 for photo paper and $9.99 for stickers. Value packs are also available for avid users. Sets include 60 sheets and three color cartridges and cost $21.99 for photo paper and $24.99 for sticker paper.

About SiPix, Inc.
SiPix, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of SiPix Group Limited, is a leader in the manufacturing and delivery of digital imaging appliances for the consumer market. The company's portfolio of innovative and intuitive image capture and image output products provides a complete product and service chain, from capture to print, and from hardware to media. The company is based in The Silicon Valley, with regional offices in Europe and throughout Asia. For more information, go to www.sipix.com

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