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QFX's logo. Courtesy of Ron Scott Inc., with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Click here to visit the QFX website! QFX 8 brings capable scripting to your digital images! (UPDATED)
(Wednesday, January 16, 2002 - 16:29 EST)

Newly released version looks like it could be a useful tool for photographers dealing with large quantities of images...

Ron Scott, author of a Windows-only imaging program we'd not seen before called QFX, emailed today to let us know he's just released a new version with some pretty impressive features. QFX version 8 could well be a useful addition to your imaging arsenal, particularly if you have the need to batch-process large quantities of images - something that many digital camera owners will find themselves doing with no film costs to limit them!

One particular feature that stands out to our eye is a "basic-like" scripting language which features variables, expressions, conditionals, branches, subroutines, forms, message boxes, error handling and more - something that could really let you refine your workflow and automate the process of preparing your images for printing or storage. Example scripts download images from digital cameras and create web pages with portfolios of your images...

We simply don't have room here to detail the functionality of the program, but suffice to say it incorporates features from both image editors and drawing/paint packages... A demo version is available, along with a free QFX/LE version which omits some of the higher-end features, and the full program can be purchased for $399. Users of QFX 5 or 6, or the DOS and HIRES versions of the program, can upgrade for $249, whilst QFX7 users can get the upgrade for $99. Hop on over to the QFX website for lots more info on the program and its capabilities, along with tips, tricks and QFX-created sample images...

UPDATED 2002-01-22 16:12ET: Sincere apologies to Ron for getting his last name wrong in this item. We plead lack of caffeine for the oversight, and have now corrected it!
Source: Ron Scott Inc.

Original Source Press Release:

Ron Scott, Inc. Announces the Release of QFX™ 8

QFX combines the features of both a paint and a draw program in a single integrated graphics environment. QFX makes it easy to build complex layouts with impressive speed by utilizing an object-oriented paradigm, complete with floating layers, transparent and soft edge masking, multiple complex effects and real time photographic compositing. QFX supports industry standard Photoshop® plug-ins, TWAIN scanners and digital cameras and the most popular file formats. QFX is powerful, mature and easy to use, yet has not succumbed to becoming "bloat-ware" to maintain its state-of-the-art features. It is equally suited to creating or editing large images for prepress applications or modest size images for the web site or other Internet or multimedia applications. QFX supports Windows 95/98/Me/XP and Windows NT and 2000.

QFX 8 builds on the already impressive features of QFX by adding a complete BASIC-like scripting language. Included is WebFolio which is written entirely in the new scripting language. WebFolio makes it easy to create a web-based portfolio or on-line catalog of images. It creates both the thumbnail and higher resolution linked images, as well as the HTML page itself and will even upload all the necessary files to your web site automatically. WebFolio is just one of many sample scripts included with QFX. And, more sample scripts are available at the QFX web site: http://www.qfx.com

The enhanced Thumbnails Browser in QFX 8 makes working with images from digital cameras much easier. Both the Thumbnails Browser and the Open Image dialogs allow you to set the correct rotation for each image so it appears upright no matter how the camera was held and will open each image automatically rotated to the correct orientation. When printing from the Thumbnails Browser, the images are rotated correctly as well. This makes creating contact sheets of images from your digital camera even better than with a film camera since all your images will appear upright regardless of how you shot them.

Learn more about QFX and the new features in version 8 at:


Pricing is:

$399 Purchase full version of QFX 8
$249 Upgrade from DOS or HiRes QFX or QFX 5 or 6
$99 Upgrade from QFX 7

Purchase or upgrade at: http://www.qfx.com

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