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(Friday, February 15, 2002 - 15:49 EST)

Report suggests most US households will have the ability to view their photos on a TV within 4 years...

A report recently released by market research firm Infotrends Research Group Inc. suggests that TV-based digital imaging is in for big things over the next few years, as consumers purchase set-top products capable of viewing and/or editing their digital photos. Currently this has not happened - the company finds that less than 1% of US households had a photo-enabled set-top box. Over the next 4 years through to 2006, though, the company expects this to grow to a whopping 85% of households in the US!

This figure, whilst impressive, may not quite tell the whole story though. Products such as DVD players, game consoles, personal video recorders and more are just starting to get rudimentary (or in some cases, fairly capable) imaging capabilities built-in - and in many cases consumers won't be purchasing the devices so much for their imaging features as for their core functionality (DVD playback, gaming, etc.)

The challenge lies in advertising the imaging capabilities to computer-shy users, and persuading them to use these features. If the industry as a whole can do this, it will go some way to opening up a larger market for viewing and sharing digital images, and potentially lead to those same computer-shy users adopting digital photography themselves.

According to Infotrends' research, of those households in the US that have visited online photo sites, 59% would be interested in receiving CDs of their images to view on their TV through a DVD player.

Infotrends' new report, "TV-Based Digital Imaging: A Driver in the Next Wave of Intelligent Consumer Electronics", is available immediately in electronic format. We don't have specific pricing information for the report, but the company's website lists prices as ranging from $500 to $6500 per report.

Source: InfoTrends Research Group Inc.

Original Source Press Release:


BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--January 30, 2002--A new report from InfoTrends
Research Group projects that the TV may become the center of consumer
photography applications in some homes over the next 5 years.

"The TV will not replace the PC as the primary imaging platform in the near
term," said Kristy Holch, principal at InfoTrends Research Group, "but
consumers will gradually discover that it is a friendly, easy-to-use
alternative for viewing and sharing photos. For consumers without access
to PCs, or who aren't comfortable with technology, intelligent set-top
devices will be their on-ramp to digital photography."

A new generation of intelligent set-top devices is enabling this trend.
Older DVD players cannot display photos on a CD, unless the CD is written
with special software. 2002 is ushering in new DVD models that support
reading photos from a CD. In addition, intelligent set-top devices like
personal video recorders (PVRs), game consoles, and home media centers will
increasingly allow for storing and displaying photos. The gradual growth
of home networks, set-top Internet connectivity, and high definition TV
will also foster TV-based photography. The consumer appeal of photos will
help drive adoption of these technologies.

By 2006, InfoTrends projects that 85% of U.S. households will have a
photo-enabled set-top box, up from less than 1% in 2001. These will drive
multiple new revenue streams, including digital camera and set-top
hardware, online and retail services, and print consumables.

According to InfoTrends newest consumer study, 59% of households in the
U.S. who have visited an online photo site would be interested in receiving
and viewing photo CDs on TV, using a DVD player.

The new report, "TV-Based Digital Imaging: A Driver in the Next Wave of
Intelligent Consumer Electronics," contains InfoTrends' in-depth analysis
of the emerging market for photo-enabled set-top devices. It outlines key
players, trends and technologies in each related market, including DVD
players, set-top cable/satellite boxes, game consoles, and CD/DVD authoring
software. It forecasts the market potential in 2000-2006. The report is
available immediately in electronic format.

About InfoTrends Research Group
InfoTrends Research Group, Inc. (www.infotrends-rgi.com) is the leading
market research and consulting firm for digital imaging technologies and
markets. With the largest number of analysts dedicated solely to digital
imaging, InfoTrends offers the most focused coverage of this rapidly
evolving market. InfoTrends helps its worldwide clientele improve the
effectiveness of their strategic planning by providing valuable tools for
intelligent decision-making, including forecasts, end user research,
product analysis, and market trend tracking. Research is available through
standalone reports, custom consulting and through the following
subscription advisory services: Digital Photography Trends(TM), Image
Scanning Trends(TM), and Internet Imaging Trends(TM), available in online
format. InfoTrends is committed to promoting market growth and development
through ImageScape(TM), the foremost press and media event series for the
digital imaging industry, and through its industry conferences.

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